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On a hot summer night on my way home from a party I met a friend of mine Tommy He was a nice guy She must have been about 18 He had blue eyes and brown hair half - length which was right up to his eyes - for me at the time he was the embodiment of dreamy-for me I was just a regular guy I have blue eyes and dark brown hair
Physically we were both thin and splintered and tight
I knew Tommy was straight He was always bragging about his girls and his trophies so he was just like a straight guy our age
When I was 14 I felt the desire for boys As I recall the girls never bothered me but when I was so young I didn't think it was so important to him But as time went by I grew more and more obsessed with that desire I used to give guys ' dicks the benefit of the doubt when I masturbated together I'm lucky because I have a lot of friends and as a good friend I always offered them a masturbation opportunity when the ancients weren't home In this case the four of us usually meet five people for a video session but that's another story :)
So we're on our way home and then Tommy starts telling me about his girls how great they are although he'd actually try it with a guy Then something moved in me but I let him finish his story
For me it was very interesting that you let go of one of your affairs when you were having a three-way She's a girl and another friend He told me how good he was and how hard it was for him not to lick the guy's Dick I couldn't control myself anymore I told her I was into guys too with so many changes I pretended to be bisexual in front of her And then her eyes lit up and she offered me a place to stay and if I wanted to I could try it out on my own
I was a bit of a pain in the ass apologizing for not having to and finding her the next day but secretly I was very prepared for it I just like it when the other party tries to"seduce" me :) But I finally agreed because he was very pedantic
We lived on the same street only two houses down They had a nice big family house and then it was empty The parents went to work and his brother was in some camp
We went in and he advised us to take separate showers first I don't know why you wanted to do this but I didn't want to ask In any case I would have loved to have taken a bath with you
I took a shower He followed me went in and locked himself in Of course I'm not afraid I managed to sneak a peek through the keyhole Tommy took a shower first and then started stroking his dick It was pretty big for him about 6 '4" He was already standing and beating her Of course I was scared there wouldn't be any sex here so he jerked off to himself but I was still hoping I wouldn't have to choose that option
I got a bathrobe from him and I waited in it and then when he was done I guess he jerked himself off he came into the living room and put a dvd in it Yeah I had porn too but this was bigger than all of it It was a bisexual movie where fortunately the girls didn't get much of a part Four guys with one girl at a time of coursethe guys were sucking each other's dicks fucking each other I don't really remember her
I could feel Tommy's hands moving on my feet right under my bathrobe At that point I was standing up straight Of course it's polite to return the favor so I started "digging" under his cape too I could feel his dick throbbing because he seemed like a fine specimen for thickness And then he got down on his knees and started licking my feet going up to my thighs and then he bitched me on the inside I could almost scream " Hey fuck you"but he was driving me crazy And my dick was totally standing like it was going to explode I used to poison him he was 6 '2" but now I think he's probably still an inch or two fat So leaving my dick intact it just went up my belly as he touched me with his tongue I was freaking out He was circling my muscles but he didn't leave my nipples out of the loop()


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