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This evening was like any other and you left me here alone with my desires and the faint buzzing of the computer Then I sat down in front of the machine and loaded it with a slow soft music This music always reminds me how much I love you Sometimes when I listen to this song at night I get tears in my eyes because I know the feeling isn't mutual and maybe it never will be I lay down in my bed and slowly with tears in my eyes I go to sleep
I'm standing on the shore of Lake Balaton with my hair cut short covered by the summer breeze watching the children and their parents playing in the water on the shore of the nearby free beach After a while I'm heading back to the cabin and I see you standing at the door holding your suntan lotion waiting for me
The way I looked at you it took my breath away you were in that little bikini I had just picked out for you and I thought it would look great on you but so much The Brassiere miraculously covered the parts that no outsider had to see but it was full of steamy erotica The thong was no different but the two together gave me a fantastic sight and judging by your smile it affected my circulation in the right direction I walked up to you and kissed you hotter than I've ever kissed you After we parted our lips you said " Will you rub me?" All I had to say was a nod and a little smile You lay on the sunbed and let me spoil every part of you with my hands sometimes with a snip sometimes with a sigh the results of my actions After I was done I kissed you again and then I looked into your eyes and I said "I want you now here" We got back into a wild and passionate kiss fight when you got up and started pushing me towards the door and I figured "here" wasn't gonna happen but you're gonna do the other two things I want you to do We got into the house and I threw myself at you like a wild animal and I laid you down on the bed and I wanted to feel every part of your body from your ear to your sole I kissed you at least twice and then I came back to your mouth We kissed passionately for at least 10 minutes while my hands re-circled your body removing your bra You have beautiful palm-like breasts
After the bra came off I took care of your nipples which along with your neck you were very sensitive about With my mouth I was sucking on one of your breasts like a good little kid while I was squeezing the other nipple with two fingers which you gave me with deep sighs and smaller moans When I looked at you I saw in your eyes the request to continue my journey south from the mountains to the valleys of safety In the light of the charms of your eyes I went down your muscular abdomen stopped for a moment at your navel but I continued My Journey immediately Your panties were completely soaked so I helped them down and I saw the source of the pleasure not the Ambrosia of the man which I felt I had to taste as soon as possible At first I gave you a kiss on your cut-off pussy and the answer was a snip and then I licked it in the cup and the reaction was a louder moan I entered the cave at first with one finger and then two fingers and of course I constantly besieged your clitoris with my tongue and so even smaller screams passed from your beautiful lips As the screams became louder and louder I slowed down the pace to extend the pleasure I could give you and then suddenly I heard a huge scream and I felt the rhythmic contraction of the vaginal muscles and I knew I had just given the greatest pleasure a man could give a woman
You were resting on the bed like it was your first real orgasm I lay next to you caressed you kissed you caressed your body You turned me on my back and then you came on to me and you continued to do what I had done You continued to kiss me and then you opened my mouth with your lips and you said "I am delicious" You smiled at me You bent over my ear and whispered "It's my turn" You were on your way down you stopped at my chest for a minute and you were playing with my nipples You knew I liked it but thank God you didn't stop here()


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