Casting – 18 years old and nervous

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It was six months ago I was at a horse camp I've been riding for 10 years but you always learn something new I've been coming to this place for three years and in my first year I've spotted this coach Guy who was not only cute but also very endearing kind and sympathetic He was always attentive to me despite the age difference which is probably why I liked him so much He never looked at me the way I looked at him but I could tell that I was too young for him and I had platonic love left It wouldn't have been a problem I've been able to process this in two years but this year the camp came and I'm supposed to have changed very much both externally and internally and he noticed that
The first day he was unusually polite to me and he asked me to see that foal he wanted to buy and I agreed Of course even though I thought it was weird We got in the car and there was a couple of bottles of drinks on the floor and they ran out on the way so the mood was established And then a couple more bottles of beer came along and I'm not really a big drinker so I was just about to say I couldn't even say my name when the guys invited me to the local disco which of course I was smart enough to say yes to and I only asked for five minutes to changeI'm heading back towards our house It's been about   I must have been halfway there when I noticed Balázs was after me I thought they changed their minds and we're not going so he came to tell me but it didn't He came closer and kissed me I was really surprised but I kissed her back He began to kiss again and again more and more boldly
I enjoyed it very much and I'm not used to it but later I put it in the drink I finally got back I changed and we were on our way Meanwhile Balázs went back to the others and spent the whole trip pretending nothing had happened I figured he regretted what happened so I didn't even bring it up so whatever happens it doesn't matter At the disco nothing happened either just drinking and drinking endlessly Everyone was starting to lose their heads and I the only female member of the company took the blame but I didn't mind I liked this game It was getting late so we headed back where we said goodbye to the others and Balázs and I were alone again He kissed me again I got really mad at him because it turned out he didn't regret it only he was ashamed of it in front of the others He saw my anger so he asked me what was wrong
- You're gonna ask?
I could tell he really didn't get it and he had such an innocent face that I couldn't stay mad at him At that moment I couldn't think of anything to kiss her I wanted to but he wouldn't let me My rage was becoming more and more into the desire for him which was only increased by the feeling of helplessness Finally he pardoned me and kissed me She kissed me so delicately and I wanted to give myself to her right away We went upstairs and he laid me on a couch He laid down beside me caressed me and kissed me everywhere()


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