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I'm a 37-year-old woman married to András and my children Rita and Peter I got married when I was 18 and the reason I got married was because I had a kid My Daughter Rita has become a beautiful girl with skinny skinny tough little breasts My son Peter also looked good he's 16 and he's starting to explore the world the female sex As soon as I noticed he's jerking off to himself looking at porn videos and porn magazines which is the way the world works He moved on a little bit when I noticed that my underwear my bras were all messed up and it had to be him I wanted to tell him but then I let him I'm a tall Big woman not fat but a big ass big tits I'm 6 '4" which is unusually high for a woman I played handball when I was young but I didn't have much talent My husband is the same height as me but he's skinny We love each other
I also need to talk to you about Rita's suitor Zoli who's 20 years old and an Adonis It suits my daughter Géza's father is 45 years oldhe's half a head shorter than me he's strong he's muscular he's nice
The story started when we went on vacation to the beach and Rita wanted to come with us and her boyfriend and it ended up with all six of us going away after all my husband and Geza were old friends Geza rented a cabin by the sea for a week We arrived late in the afternoon by car when it was discovered that the cabin was made of two living quarters and a bathroom Rita was puzzled she wanted to sleep with her lover but Geza couldn't come to us so in the end Geza and her son slept in the smaller room the four of us slept the most Of course I slept with my husband and the two kids together
Since it was too late no bathing was allowed My husband and I were packing and the kids went to look around When I was packing my husband accidentally touched my breast I knew she liked big tits and I didn't mind We kissed and she stripped me naked
- We shouldn't do thisthe kids will be back soon I told you
 It's bad enough we don't have our own space
I was not opposed to it so we lay on the bed stroking each other my husband's cock was hard He wasn't big he was average but I liked feeling it inside me So I leaned over him and as my husband likes it I began to pamper him slowly emotionally and harder I was about to climb up and sit on it when the door opened and the company entered the three young and gauze My son was staring at us Géza was looking at us with a grin and I was confused by a towel but it was clear that all my big breasts and our activities were visible They came in the moment I leaned forward my big boobs were hanging down and I was sucking on my husband's standing cock
"I think we've come at a bad time" said Zoli
"Don't mind me Géza smirked and gazed openly at my breasts"
They went out and we rushed into something I had a flame-red face but my husband didn't bother so much
- Don't worry we're husband and wife everybody knows we're fucking right?
- But I'm not naked in front of them especially in front of Géza
- Come on the problem is we had to stop
It was time to lie down we didn't talk much because I was very embarrassed Our kids slept two feet from us I haven't had a dream in my eyes We slept in thin blankets it was warm at night My husband was leaning towards me from behind and I felt that after his previous adventure he wanted to be satisfied I saw the kids sleeping so I didn't object when my husband put on his skinny nightgown For a while she caressed my breasts and then she caressed my crotch and then she lay on me and my thighs pulled apart and penetrated me He didn't need much he came inside me in a few minutes and I didn't get a chance to orgasm either because of speed and I didn't have the guts to let myself go because of the kids I couldn't stand not to moan once in a while
I was always an early riser and my husband liked to sleep late It was quiet this morning when I went to the bathroom with a shower and a tub I got in the tub and I got soaked when the door opened and Rita came in He was washing and we were talking
 Sorry to interrupt you guys yesterdaywe didn't know what you were doing
 My daughter I should have been the one to watch what you think to yourselves
- What do you think you're cool you love each other and you love sex That's good isn't it?
- Okay but what did Zoli say?
- He liked you said You had great tits you're a knockout
- Oh come on I'm blushing
- You don't have to beyou're a very hot woman and you don't have to be afraid of Zoli
- Are you two okay?
- Yeah let us have sex sometime okay? Zoli's a very horny boy and I like him too


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