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It was too late when I finally got home They were both asleep
I took a quick shower and got naked in bed with my sweetheart I was planning to take a rest after two weeks But as I pulled the blanket over my butt touched his half-hard dick Wow I'm not gonna miss this I slid down and carefully put his favorite part in my mouth He moved and sighed a great deal My Dear I slowly meticulously pampered her with my mouth I took his balls in my mouth and licked them gently and then back to the tail I started biting And then I caressed him with my tongue again I totally ate it and I didn't miss a chance to circle with my tongue on the way out
It's completely melted between my hands and my mouth When I made every move near the top I sat on his mouth That's what got me down The way he smoked it bit it searched the smallest corner with his tongue His hands were touching my breasts It's almost the height of pleasure
I quickly returned to his lap not with my mouth this time Careful but I sat passionately in his dick Since we haven't had a chance to be together in a week every inch of it has given me pleasure every touch of it has given me another spark He didn't put it out he whipped up the lust inside of me
I sat on his lap selfish and all I did was listen to my own desires While he was driving my hips with one hand his mouth was on my breasts
We were going at a very intense and passionate pace trying more and more to overcome how much each other could take
I put an end to it by bringing my mouth back to pampering that giant thick Crooked tool of yours I sucked his dick I caressed his balls - and he was barely conscious He drew me closer to him so he could get his fingers into my pussy I got two of them right away It made me suck harder lick his dick
The problem is when I'm hungry my passion doesn't stop it just escalates and I keep going at a slower pace So it felt like a man was kneeling behind me and fucking me from behind I treat my mouth very differently when there's something in my pussy
I sat back in his lap again and took control of our lovemaking Soon I had a huge orgasm because while I was moving on him he was stimulating my clitoris quite vigorously
I lay with my back half to him and he came to me sideways so he entered me With his tongues he circled around my tits my feet in the sky There was no sign of my former satisfaction the orgasm was circling me again but I did not give him the pleasure of watching my muscles tighten from lust and then I melted in his arms - and he did what was right for him
I got the rest of my strength together and I just enjoyed having my pussy caressed by his dick
It took time but I was able to overcome my desires again I got the rhythm with my hip
I turned on my stomach I closed my legs - this is a job for him Neither of us could handle this pose so I got up on my knees early without losing the thread


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