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The story I'm telling you started five years ago even today sometimes and no one but us knew about it Now I'm going to share it with the public along with changing names
That summer I was 19 years old and beyond the first year of the Faculty of philosophy as Hungarian historically my brother Zoli was a sophomore in med school at the age of 20 and my brother Isti had just finished his third high school with an "A" The three of us were cool kids to our parents and for the sake of that our father bought a lavish resort in Siófok and after the renovations and the housewarming he left us the place for the whole summer Even then both I and Zoli had a car and Isti took the test since he was 17 years old and was promised the car in the fall so we were free to go
All of July was partying There's always been like 10 or 12 of us friends We'd go home every now and then and Zoli and I would agree why both our cars would be parked there so all we did was leave a car downstairs and run around with it In early August it was the time of thunderstorms So Zoli's buddy asked him to go home in his car and bring him home after four or five days So we were out of cars for almost a week The night that there were only three of us Isti asked us to go to a disco but neither Zoli nor I were in the mood so Isti started the night himself Zoli and I sat out on the terrace for a long time and drank half a bottle of martinis so our mood went up Zoli started telling me about his 3-year relationship with Kati who they were planning the wedding with in May but Kati left with an arab guy Zoli was falling apart at the time and on the love line he's been receding ever since I know she had a fling this summer but she needed these more sexually
I also told her that I lost my virginity when I was 16 by a man 13 years older than me who I fell in love with to death but as it turned out she only wanted me for sex because she had a family on the other side of the country with two kids She was separated from them because of her work and she went home to them once a week and I didn't even notice that little girl in love It ended in a nasty nasty breakup and then I decided to live out the beginning of my life as a single woman have a career and maybe that's when I ended up with a man Of course I haven't lived my days as a nun and I've tried every genre of sex from lesbian to bizarre
My brother and I were talking about these things on the terrace and the alcohol was making the subject more slippery Zoli laughed and brought it up:
-Do I remember when we were seven or eight years old and grandma and I were checking each other out in the coal pit and we got busted when mama bathed you last night and you had coal dust on your pussy because I used the briquettes to heal your cut and you tied my polka to the lighter to look forward?- he asked
"Well I remember but not as clearly as you" I replied a little modestly but mixed with a little flirtation
"Then mama scolded us very much and called what we had done a sinful thing" she said reverently and continued " even then you were a beautiful girl and I have always secretly longed to see you naked with a mature head"
- You're a fool Zoli You want to put your eyes on your sister's body?
- I don't know What's wrong with that? Let's face it you're hot enough to wear a dress without it What I would give to see you- he was daydreaming
- You know what I'm thinking- I was trying to kill the conversation
I got up and started walking in Zoli jumped up and ran after me Inside I pulled the blinds down and I was going upstairs when Zoli was on my way and he held me in his arms and he asked me in a trembling voice:
- What do you want? - but my answer didn't even start dropping my pants
I was scared of him and I tried to run but he wouldn't let me so I pushed him away and he fell and he hit his head on the stairs Of course I got scared and I knelt next to him and I caressed him and I begged and I said:
- Zoli Zoli are you all right? but he wouldn't answer so I shook his head And suddenly he shouted a whoooo and wrestled down on my belly I started punching her in the chest and I almost yelled at her:
- You sadistic bastard I thought you were hurt and you're acting like a big shot so fuck off you stupid fuck and I just pulled it off by lifting my hip
We started a wild wrestling match the last time we did it was five years ago - as a girl I loved wrestling with it playing football and being in all the boys ' pranks -
It's been a while since we've had sex we've both been sweating from the strain the alcohol and the humid night air Zoli got tough again and he sat on me with my wrist tightened put me on two shoulders and said it triumphantly:
I've let myself be a wildcat just like when we were kids but that's enough My Buffalo powers have won


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