Teen Blowjob Daddy & Chill (Part 1)

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After that refreshing and all-embracing afternoon when she slept with Rick again Laura was probably feeling worse than ever The problems he was trying to solve or at least to forget are now coming at him with greater force than ever before It wasn't as easy as Rick thought She liked to make love to the man He thought he was going mad with desire and almost supernatural delight Her body hurt for days after he treated her like that
But that doesn't mean the attraction he felt for Karen or Rina hasn't diminished at all
He dreamed about them every night One or the other But the worst came only when they appeared in his dreams at the same time as he lay between them and the two girls collaborated to bring him to the land of pleasure
Despite all this he tried to avoid both of them at work and finally two weeks after wrestling with his desires he managed to banish them both from his soul and spend a long time without thinking of any of the girls
Everything was going perfectly until the bell rang one day and when she opened it Laura Rina was at the door
- Hello "Rina smiled at him as if their last encounter had not ended as awkwardly as it did"
- Hello - Laura smiled faintly and her heart began to throb again in her chest
 I bet you never thought you'd see me again did you? - Rina laughed in confusion
- No it's not
- Aren't you going to invite me in?
"You might think I have an ulterior motive" she replied earnestly
Rina was throat-tight beautiful His hair was cut short and there was a long black swan neck which was as perfect and flawless as his graceful clavicle and shoulders carved as if by a master sculptor She was wearing a blouse with a cut-out neck that allowed her silky shiny skin to flex on her sacrum And he allowed me to see the entrance to the narrow valley which separated his mindlessly beautiful breasts from which Laura could not help swallowing He knew perfectly well that he would have an ulterior motive if he called her in
'That's one of the things I'd like to talk to you about' said Rina
Laura smiled
- Well come on in
He tried not to stare at Rina's amazing tight round ass as she walked into the living room and sat down God stop it - he ordered you to  I can't believe you can't control yourself Life isn't just about sex But Rina's jeans tightened to her body allowing the soft arches of her long legs and shapely buttocks to be seen At the sight of her gently swaying bottom Laura closed her eyes and tried to breathe evenly and quickly recovered her self-control
- Can I get you something to drink? - he turned to her
"Perhaps a soda" said Rina - Or-wine if you want
- Don't worry "I will not try to turn your head" said Laura trying to hide the edge in her voice
Rina looked deep into his eyes
 Actually that's what I want to talk to you about I think so Maybe I reacted badly I've felt bad about it lately Maybe it was just an accident and now I'm here to give you peace I wasn't exactly fair Maybe we should just forget about it Don't you agree?
Laura had a hard time believing what she heard He was sure if he had a glass in his hand right now he would have dropped it right away I can't believe it - it crossed his mind - Did he really say that?
"I think I can forget it if you can" he said in a low voice but did not dare to say any more
He brought wine and glasses from the kitchen and then he poured the drink and they made a toast
- To our new friendship - Rina raised the glass shyly
Laura smiled
- What changed your mind?
"I like you" she replied  You looked at me funny and I reacted badly But everyone's staring at me Especially men You were the first woman to look at me like they and I jumped to the wrong conclusion I know you're not a lesbian You don't look it
- You mean I'm not manly? And he's strong
'Yes' said Rina  Besides I heard some people talking about you at work They don't think you are either
- What a relief - Laura sighed and smiled back at the attractive girl  Especially you
He still felt a little weird Do people talk about me at work? What does that mean? Could he have overheard them talking about how much they want to fuck you? Or that they know I like men? It's weird I just can't imagine it


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