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Eve hated her day in advance At his mother's insistence he promised to go with him to the nursing home and read to some old fart all afternoon There was one last summer but the place gave him the creeps He couldn't handle the sight of all those old people he was young he didn't want to think about old age
He wore a relatively solid outfit but under the influence of the little devil inside him he wore the black top under his cardigan which he got from the boys at the mall - without a bra of course
When they were handing out old people he got Uncle Joe The old geezer must have been over 70 years old once a good-looking man He fought in World War II then became a car salesman He didn't have a dog or a cat he was bored out of retirement by himself so he rented out his house and moved in here At first he was the emperor of the home pecking the nurses ' asses doing the beauty for all the females but over the past few years something broke in him - he became a shut-in grumpy old man overnight That's why the board was trying to assign pretty young girls from the volunteers to him in case the Old Joe came back for a short time
When he went into the old man's apartment for a moment there seemed to be a mischievous light in his eyes but then the bitterness moved back in Uncle Joe wasn't very talkative Eve tried to be nice to her but she only got one-word answers After a while he stopped doing it and he just sort of quietly packed up the old man's stuff In the closet behind the shoeboxes he found a stash of porn magazines Yeah the old dog They were like 10 15 years ago and they had pretty funny clothes and hairstyles in the pictures but it was still hardcore porn He looked at a couple and I noticed a lot of pictures of girls peeing on them So this could be the old man's perversion? He probably hasn't had much pee sex since he moved into the nursing home Eve didn't find it disgusting at all but she was kind of curious about what it felt like And then you take a shower Don't make a big deal out of it She quickly took her panties off from under her skirt and went back to the old man He sat across from her in the chair and continued to chat He was careful not to draw too much attention but sometimes he would flash his naked pussy at the old man and wait for the effect Uncle Joe didn't notice it at first and when he saw it he thought he saw it wrong Eve watched him blink more and more so she opened her lap for longer and longer as she looked to see if there was any movement in Uncle Joe's pants The trousers seemed to have increased a little but the old man knew from his resignation that they had not had the desired effect but at any rate he had become somewhat more relaxed and chatty By then he had already decided to give the old man a good day Plus the Peeping Tom game turned him on a little bit
- Uncle Joe Is there anything else I can do? Can I get you something to eat or drink?
- No child thank you You've already given me the most pleasant day in years
- I really can't make this day any better? "did Uncle Joe have to pee?" How about here? - he threw off his cardigan The sight did the trick the old man couldn't spit or swallow but the bulge in his pants told me a lot She put her hands on her breasts through the top
- Well Uncle Joe you want to piss on my tits? - the nasty talk of an innocent girl as always has done the trick The old man's Dick was pulling his pants apart He was so caught up in the sights he just nodded
- Okay I'm gonna go to the bathroom - there he quickly undressed and knelt in the tub He heard the old man out there trying to spin something and then he came in As she was pushing down her pants Eve was rubbing her huge breasts all the time
- Big enough to hit them?
For the old man there were only two capital tits He thought he was dreaming but when he started grabbing her he knew it was real()


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