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He was excited "When is he coming?"he thought He was very impatient She hasn't seen him in at least three days and all they did was contact him by phone or text And that wasn't enough for both of you Even though the texts were so passionate that his mobile screen was burnt out it was only good to make them more hungry for this moment
The doorbell rang He's here
He ran flew to the door and opened it to see it
The boy appeared to be in the same condition as him and the fire from his eyes burned everything around them  He still noticed that the boy had a flower in his hand but he could not see it for an arm grabbed his waist and the boy drew him to him He didn't have to fight much The flower flew The two bodies were so tight they squeezed the air out of each other The two hungry mouths found each other They kissed each other so passionately their teeth clogged but they probably didn't even notice The boy kicked the door in with his foot From this movement they staggered all the way to the kitchen counter not stopping for a moment from kissing and hugging and caressing each other The boy pushed her against the counter and they split up for a moment and the two eyes joined together In their eyes a fire flashed their lips burned and burned but it was not a devouring flame but a life-affirming or rather an aphrodisiac for it was not necessary to create anything The bites were not harmful either because the small pains that might have been used were only to increase the pleasure both of them
The boy's tongue then began to wander around her neck provoking a voluptuous sigh from this girl
When the tongue hit the ear she felt as if electricity had been passed through her body a chill of ancient origin and lost control of what was left of her His hand began to search the boy's trousers and immediately managed to free what he was looking for He took the matter into his own hands rather in his mouth The penis was already completely wet from its own fluids so he simply pulled the foreskin back and removed a good piece of the tool in his mouth and then pulled his lips tight around it and pulled it back What he heard in the meantime filled him with satisfaction The boy moaned with pleasure and caressed her head for the sight of his tools moving in and out of her mouth was more than arousing So much so that after a while he was forced to force her to stop with some gentle "violence" because "otherwise it would end too soon" He picked her up and kissed her again feeling her own flavor which would have bothered him a long time ago but since he met this girl a lot has changed
He put his arm around her and put her on the counter and then with noble simplicity he tore her top off and took possession of her breasts First he squeezed it with his hand-not gently at all The girl was suffocated with lust back when she felt tiny bites on her nipples "Aaahhh"it was torn from him not for the first time and not the last Hands caressed her waist a tongue strayed from her breasts to her navel then a palm lifted her buttocks and the other pulled off the light linen pants The boy didn't bother to put his panties in the wrong place and he finally got to kiss the spot he wanted so much He pulled the big lips aside and switched long tongue kisses with the clitoris driving her into ecstasy She exclaimed giving the boy joy and encouraging him to do it a few more times she was so beautiful in the moments of orgasm as she looked straight into his eyes as she reached the top The boy felt the time had come for a different kind of pleasure He stood up and shoved his stiff tool into a girl's wet pussy The girl's voice slipped as she was pushed into it and it only took a little push for the first orgasm A loud " Fuck"a cry came out of him and his fingernails were inserted into the boy's back
In the meantime he held her breast pecked her nipples increasing the pleasure while he gazed bewildered at the point where their bodies were connected
He was fascinated by the way The Dick dips down the cunt and then he almost backs out of it and all of that over and over again through the girl's multiple orgasms until he felt that the moment had come when he couldn't take it anymore The girl was just after another peak and she felt like she was about to explode She felt what was to come saw the change as the boy's breath grew louder and louder The boy suddenly pulled his tail out of her and spilled hot semen on her stomach and breasts as unarticulated voices were leaving her throat and her body was convulsing She put her finger in the thick hot liquid which trembled on her body and took her finger in her mouth tasting the seed of her love and then leaned on the boy's tail and licked the rest of it and then she embraced him ()


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