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Marci's a strange character He's 18 but he's a pretty underdeveloped long-haired rock-loving boy for his age His room is full of Marilyn Manson Tiamat and Fields of Nephilym posters and the walls are painted black He's been on the computer a lot and he's got glasses But he has a strange hobby: collecting soap He has about a hundred soaps and five drawers in which he stores them He also keeps a catalog of them and he takes them out whenever he can and smells them His soul travels on smells just like Baudelair's He especially likes tree soaps and caola soap that smells like lily of the Valley He has recently acquired a ' 93 blue-red soap and since then he has been in love with it he considers it the outstanding piece of his collection
At the same time Marci has a 16-year-old sister Fairy He loves his brother even though he thinks he's a freak Their relationship was dog-cat-type until the events I'm about to tell you started
Six months ago Fairy went out with a tall handsome boy named BERCI Marci who had never dated a girl didn't like BERCI very much But he was worried about what they might do to his sister when they had them He wanted to see what was going on in the Elf's room but he always found the door locked Until that fall day
It was a rainy afternoon Marci was in her room doing business masturbating to a home video downloaded off the internet organizing her soaps He was entering the data of a Coop pink toiletries soap into the catalog when he heard strange noises coming from his sister's room He rose gently gently and crept into the corridor and crept into his room He noticed the door was open a crack The voices became more and more unmistakable: he heard the same sound on the tape he had just jerked his dick off
He couldn't help himself and he fell through the crack
His mouth was dry and he turned red
His sister lay naked on the bed with her legs spread her buttocks propped up on the side of the bed Berci was kneeling on the floor wearing only brass knuckles and burying his head between her thighs With his little hands the boy stroked his thick hair
Marci snuck over a little bit so she could see better Berci pulled her sister's labia apart with her fingers and gently pulled her tongue out rolled it in fairy pussy She just screamed and threw her ass in the air Berci pressed down his twitching hip and began to finger the girl who screamed little and her whole body was stretched out The air was filled with something sweet that came out of her moist pussy He came in front of his brother
Berci staggered back to her room giddy His dick was stiff as a board He sat in front of his computer shaking his hand in the drawer He needed a soap A Fruit Life avocado-scented product first came into his hands He began to smell it wildly and his nostrils expanded like a lion's nostrils when he smelled an antelope
(Fruit life soap with natural avocado oil)
(it's wonderful how delicious the Fairy pussy smells)
(Distributor MATTES hungária kft)
(I saw my sister lick the shit that's too much)
The boy pulled off his pants tore the soap wrapper and rubbed soap on his stiff penis He sighed with relief He put in a rough metal CD turned up the volume and rubbed the stiff vein until his semen blew out
A month later Fairy and Berci broke up Marci was pleased though she saw that her sister was very sad and tried to comfort her However he was quite clumsy in this and every time he comforted her the image of his sister's trembling body stretching out under the blows of the tongue that besieged his vagina was always in front of him He was always shuddering his stomach was all twisted up and he had to masturbate
In the meantime he continued to collect the soaps which had already reached 150
So the time passed until May came
She came in with a crazy juicy scent of flowers swirling through the Starnbergersee and swarming all over the world Marci did not experience such profound happiness as one would expect from someone who adores scent Although the air was sweet like the smell of his Soaps he hardly left his room He became completely dependent on smelling soaps: he was now favored by a blue tree which contained water - plant extract
On a sunny day Berci was making scrambled eggs for herself when the bell rang The boy went out with a curse to see who it was She was Klári Fairy's sweet little girlfriend
- Hey Marci Is your sister home? - he asked in his chirping voice She wasn't a very pretty girl and she was pretty thin but she had nice eyes and he liked her He said it with a red face:
- Yeah - yeah Come on in
'Thank you' said the girl hurrying into the House He stopped taking care of Marci The boy slowly closed the door as he heard Sweety greet his girlfriend with three loud kisses


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