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9 'Chapter III
One of my old dreams came true when I arrived in Marrakech as Hans ' entourage We wrote October but the weather was still warm and muggy After checking in at the hotel the Porter took our bags and led us to our room It was a luxury hotel but not a presidential suite with a standard double bed a nice spacious room with a balcony
We entered the room Hans went first then me then the Porter who was a handsome arab teenager spoke excellent French English Spanish He must have been practicing I guess Now why don't we make this day memorable for the boy? When I got to the middle of the room I took off my blouse and my miniskirt slipped down my thigh I turned against the boy with the dress on my ankle He had a French name Gérard I stood in front of the muscular handsome Gérard about 16 years old completely naked and Hans sat down in the chair next to me comfortably seated and took out the latest Financial Times Gérard just looked at me surprised He looked slowly and thoroughly from head to toe A skinny 18-year-old girl with long brown hair beautiful breasts prancing nipples and hairy pussy Breaking the long awkward silence I stepped out of my dress bent over and threw it on the bed I walked up to the guy:
- Gérard I should get some sun to get my color Can you get me a tube of sunscreen?
My smile reassured him that he had nothing to fear But what does the old man say about all this? Gérard looked at Hans who nodded without saying a word and the boy ran away
Hans kept reading and I went to take a shower
"I like this guy I'm letting go a little bit"I said to myself
When I was refreshed I passed out wet on the deck chair and I called Hans :
- Pull your chair next to me
Soon Gérard came back and offered me the tube with a smile I shook my head with a smile stretched out on my back on the bed arms up hands clasped under my head:
- Will you rub my body Gérard?
The boy was surprised but you didn't have to say it twice He crouched down on the floor next to me and began to smear my naked body gently gently caressing it with both hands First my stomach then my thighs then my legs avoiding my pussy It felt really good Looking up from behind Hans ' newspaper he began to acknowledge the situation Then came my armpits arms face I'm ticklish so I felt really good about the gentle caress and sometimes I giggled He finally started rubbing my tits In a few moments my nipples stood steeply He stopped lubricating and only played with my nipples And then he lubricated me again And then he thought it was over or maybe he had to leave so he stood up but I pulled my legs up and I opened myself up as wide as I could I looked deep into Gérard's eyes and told him:
- Down there
I pointed my head at my hairy pussy He seemed to have gone mad and rubbed the sunscreen in my hair with enthusiasm His hand reached into every nook and cranny but his hands were inexperienced He must have been playing with my pussy like that for ten minutes while I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sunshine and moaned softly Gérard looked at the clock he had to go so we said goodbye That day after the heat Hans and I took a look around town and had a nice meal at an arab restaurant We had a great time we had fun Hans kept making me laugh
The next morning Hans went down to the café to talk to his new friend and I was thinking "down there"might be a good time for some modernization I took out my razor took off my miniskirt and then I had an idea I called the front desk
- I need Gérard's help
A few minutes later they knocked on the door and I opened it and there stood Gérard fresh smiling and slightly confused He looked right at me I was wearing a long white T-shirt that went up to the middle of my thigh and a pair of sandals That's when I realized there were two more arab guys in the hallway kind of Gérard-ish I called them into the room put the razor and foam in Gérard's hands and asked him:
- Gérard can you help me?
Without waiting for an answer I went out on the balcony lay down on the deck chair put the shirt up to my belly button and then I opened myself up Gérard kneeled beside me with a smile and the other two guys surrounded us with their mouths open They were in plain poor street clothes as it turned out Old Friends of Gérard not hotel employees or guests Unlike Gérard there was nothing special about them they were not beautiful either but the atmosphere was pleasant They spoke Arabic cheerfully and then in order to get me involved they switched to French Gérard was busy counting my hairs between my thighs with his head spread out All three of them gave me a number and took a bottle of beer to see who would be closer()


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