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George and I agreed to come over tonight because Fanni and her boyfriend were leaving around 5: 00
I arrived at 7: 00 and I brought a bottle of wine and the unusual nature of the situation if not nervous but a little tense because it's not every day a mother asks you to have sex with her daughter for a few months and then you can fuck mom
- Hello It's great that you brought wine because I made you a light dinner - open door George
The sight of it almost made my pants tight for George opened the door in a black miniskirt and a low-cut white top While I opened the wine and poured it he set the table At dinner we talked about generalities and then we talked about Fanni
"Here's to you" said George - I really appreciate your help If you hadn't been here the last few months or if it hadn't been you Anyway thanks for everything but let's get down to business What do you want?
- You need to know that if you're sleeping with me because you feel like you owe me something then forget it Obviously I don't have to tell you why I've enjoyed my time with Fanni and you don't have to pay for it Not with your body not with anyone
- What if I wanted to pay? - he put his head aside with a move I've seen his daughter many times and smiled
No more questions We put down the glass and I kissed her and she kissed me back so passionately it made my dick hard I was still in the kitchen peeling off her top and her bra and it turns out she really doesn't have silicone in her huge breasts They were perfectly natural round melons although after taking off the bra gravity worked but only minimally I hit it and I sucked it I licked it I bit it I put my face in between them I caressed it with my hand I couldn't get enough of them
George took off my fly and started stroking my dick After a while we staggered into the bedroom sat on the bed got rid of her stockings and I kissed her beautiful shapely legs When I was on my knees before her I fell over her back pulled her panties down pulled the skirt up to her waist and started licking She had the same line of shaved pussy as Fanni only the hair was stronger
- Kiss my ass - George spoke to me when I used to tease his clitoris with subtle language movements
"I am" I replied
- Not like this Hard Put your tongue on it and rub it I want you to lick my pussy Lick me harder than my daughter He's fine with subtlety but I need a real muscular tongue And then he's a hard-ass A dick that's swollen from jizz And I want you to fuck me up after you lick me up Stick your hard dick in my pussy
While I was sucking up he kept talking and talking the most select kind of dirty talk At first I thought he was trying to piss me off but then I realized that he was trying to verbally excite himself so he could enjoy more It became clear to me when I licked her faster and faster she was throwing her hips around and almost incoherent sentences were coming out of her mouth
- Fuck your tongue Kiss my ass Put it on my pussy
I thought my jaw was gonna cramp up but before that he came with a loud scream His whole body was shaking and I was kissing the inside of his thighs until he calmed down
- That was a good one Now it's your turn What do you want? Blow you like Fanni?
- How do you know that?
- I know everything He always told me what you did Let's see if I suck better than my daughter
We tried it It sucked better I filled his mouth in about 30 seconds He tasted the stuff a little bit and swallowed it
- You excited about that bitch? - he asked
 Now I know where Fanni gets her affections for bad words
- Is that a problem? I think the use of bad words during sex is divine At least I love it Come and whisper in my ear that you want to fuck me
I got close to him and I whispered in his ear:
- I want to fuck you
He immediately turned on me rode me and had my half-hard cock fitted into his vagina moved two of them which made him completely hard and slipped into the wet hole
- How are you gonna fuck me?
- Really hard
- Then grab my ass and fuck me Fuck my wet ass She's not a young bitch but she's fucked right?
"True" I moaned on the one hand with pleasure and on the other hand with the relentless pace of riding me
- All right then Enjoy my fucking ass Enjoy fucking her with your dick Because now I'm on top and I'm fucking you
It's a good thing he gave me a blow job before or I wouldn't have been able to take it and come in his pussy He rode me for a while then he slowed down and then he stopped moving


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