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Every year I look forward to the good weather It is true that we work a lot this time of year but in the rest of my spare time I am happy to walk around even at 9: 00 pm to go to the lake after a 150 km drive to party with friends at Lake Balaton the next little story happened during one of these trips
It was Friday the mercury in the thermometer went way out of range and I was just thinking about what to do for the next two days when my phone rang It was a friend of mine who in an incongruous tone invited me to a party on Saturday night for stress relief at the Hungarian Sea I decided to go home take a shower get some stuff get in the car and I'll be down by the waterfront tonight I barely left the city in the car it was a nice pounding unlike my climate habit I was driving at a retirement pace on my usual route My thoughts were lost in the details of a meeting next week and I didn't pay attention to the traffic around me that if you drive over 1000 kilometers a week you understand
After about 60 km I noticed the white Suzuki not racing before me I could see through the back window that the young couple in there was having some sort of Italian pun After a few minutes of attention I was thinking "Well they're off to a nice weekend" but I didn't even think about it the guy closed the argument with a big slap followed by the girl opening the door on the car but the driver suddenly stepped on the brake It's a good thing the brakes on my car are significantly better than Suzuki because otherwise we would have had a German-made car in front of Japan in a second Traffic across the street wouldn't let me avoid the emergency braking car in the middle of the road so I stopped behind it and tried to avoid it
A girl jumped out of Suzuki with a backpack and came towards me I can't say I'm not surprised by the situation but it took a few seconds When she came to me our eyes met He opened the door bent down and asked in a troubled voice Where are you going? I threw a little surprise at him in Balaton but there was the next question Can you give me a ride? I thought " why not? nothing bad can happen" She threw her bag back jumped in the car At that moment came the somewhat disappointing phrase in a rather impatient and flimsy style Are we going now? In retrospect I could be very calm because I put in the gearbox without saying a word hit the gas jumped out from behind the suzuki and gave myself over to the torque of the BMW diesel I saw the friend who was left behind in the mirror for a few minutes but the difference between us grew until he completely disappeared behind me
It must have taken me 10 minutes to get the girl's speech and the sudden tension under me and I tried to start a conversation and of course take a closer look at my new companion The girl was wearing a black miniskirt and a white top on her feet and a Roman lace-up shoe with a very thick foot I'll be honest with you when I see the girl hitchhiking on the side of the road I have a whole other thought about her occupation But I was trying to establish a further dialogue In the next few minutes there was a great flood of complaints lining up all the pitfalls of social relations In the meantime I looked at my companion with a healthy masculine interest I quickly found that the beautiful brown skin looks very good with the White topp and beautiful breasts without the bra to point the way forward
On the Veszprém ring road I asked her where to go but she just shrugged her shoulders and said "whatever" I was about to ask more questions when he asked me if it would bother me if he came with me this weekend or as long as it would please both of us I'm not a quitter if I'm asked to dance I won't refuse so I gave out the password "Balatonfüred" For the rest of the trip I did not pick up the pace I found out that the girl's name was a rare but beautiful Dia and that she was working for a company in my city as a work something She and her boyfriend have been together for two years but that's the second time she's had a slap in the last time and she's taking it pretty hard I've been thinking it must be pretty bad for a kid to hit Girls so I'm guessing he's in the top of his class sneaking around like that I expressed that opinion but since I wanted to end the subject I asked him to focus on tonight
We arrived at the destination the friends rushed their heads and everyone liked her the first time Since they were not prepared to receive girls we went to look for a place to stay after the short greetings One of the hotels close to the downtown parking lot we stopped and went to the front desk together I would have tried to speak but she passed me by asking for a two-bed room which she had already sent to the receptionist()


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