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- Pull up your pants We're done here
- Any change doctor?
Dr Burah Selim has seen Martin in the clinic more than once Not the first time This poor man visited her a year ago a doctor of sexology at Semmelweis hospital with problems After long months of treatment he could not make a difference and slowly began to feel that his patient was beyond saving
- Testosterone isn't working his hypogonadism is still up which means his testicles are still shrinking and his penis is still microfallus still not more than a few centimeters I'm sorry
Martin pulled up his fly and reached for his coat resting on the chair
- Thank you doctor I know you did your best Maybe a new treatment will help in a few years
The doctor looked at the coat for a long period of seconds and replied to his patient:
- Maybe Do not give up hope - by giving your patient a hand
He watched her turn for a long time put her hand on the door knob and then quietly shut the door behind him
Dr Burah fell down on the chair where the gray coat was resting He put his arms over his back and slowly lowered his chin to the white plastic-covered back
Poor man and he's not even 30
There is no week without enticing Aphrodite Divas blue-haired blonde-haired blond-haired blue-haired swollen masculine men whose penises are humbled by the enormous gigantic Adonis or the giant adjective The movies The commercials
And there are those who listen Like my patient They were born with a disease in their groins like some twisted Billy bug that screams for the rest of their lives that I'm miserable that I'm crippled that I'm screwed that I'm screwed And yes You fucked me And so many stinking flowers of vulgar language couldn't express what they live in I can't imagine how the stigmata live with that
After a long bus ride Martin arrived on flights 8 14 and 14H outside their Hijo Park house
Small house Martin hated that word
Little yard
Little sidewalk
Small gate
when he walked in he saw his girlfriend Orsolya The black-haired girl knelt on a rag beside the Lilies of the valley by the entrance and pulled out the weeds in a little glove which overshadowed her beloved flowers
As soon as Martin approached he pulled the gloves off swept away the weeds which had gripped him and then exchanged a long kiss with Martin
He held her held her precious spindle just held her held her held her held her He could claim without any cliché that he was everything to him in the world All those stories full of clichés about "true love" "love of life" made sense to him and they burst out of the pink mist proving that yes they existed when Martin graduated from Attila József University in Szeged Then in the city of sunshine he met Orsolya at a regular JATE party In the rapids of plastic beer cups and college students falling to the ground they marched to Martin's bachelor pad to learn more about what they could only give each other as young adults Martin obscured by the alcohol did not resist and there would have been a reason Oh Lord there was a reason So when Orsolya opened her trousers to liberate her manhood she jumped up screaming Martin only the next day while the headache he deserved was biting his head from the inside realized that it had happened to him again which it had done so many times
The Sun passed behind a cloud of lily of the Valley and Orsolya took her lover in her hand and led him into the House Through the small-money youth they entered a Hall of furniture constructed by grandfathers uncles and other family members separated only from the living room by a row of lower-height closets On one of the lockers Martin deepened in his study of a black and white photo of Orsolya with a yellow rose in his hand
After the terrible encounter Martin was hiding behind an organ Bush with a yellow rose in his hand and an analog camera around his neck watching his spindle leaving his grandmother's house where he lived while studying in Szeged With his side bag he walked down the street on his shoulder Martin stepped out from the pale purple cover and began to follow the girl with rapid steps who turned back to the steps behind him As soon as he saw who was following him he kept his mouth shut
- Look I was drunk that night I wouldn't have gone up with you that night I didn't mean to hurt your feelings Now if you'll excuse me
- Wait I got you this - that's where he put the flowers
- I'm sorry?
- Yellow Rose the flower of hopeless love-Orsolya glanced at this sentence with a astonished look at Martin  I just want to ask you to let me take your picture I don't want to bother youI just want a picture of me May I?


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