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I'm looking at his profile page again I hate this social networking site because I hang out there all the time Especially since I found her I'm looking at what he says what he's doing or if he's posting a new picture of himself Yeah his photos Of course I have to go through those again and again Of course every single time I'm afraid I'm gonna find something that's gonna hurt so I usually promise not to click on it anymore But curiosity always wins I'm sure I'd feel bad if I ever saw a" relationship " or a sign of that I get nervous even when I see other girls writing her nice things 'Cause they do' cause it's pretty cool with chicks
Why can't I just let him go? Besides I should probably pack I'm going to Vienna tomorrow with my friends to the Christmas fair but I just couldn't get my hands on it I wasn't really in the mood for this trip I'm kind of bummed about this whole "romance gone wrong" thing Maybe we shouldn't have messed this up There's a reason we didn't hook up when we were teenagersit seems like it wasn't time yet It started out so well It was nice to finally meet you again and we had a personal meeting relatively soonwhich ended right in bed That's when things went wrong Maybe we're still not ready for each other Or I don't know maybe we never will be Then why is fate always crossing our path? Although come to think of it there's more to every "reunion" than there is to it So maybe the next time we get together we'll have a good time? Are you going to marry me?
That thought made me laugh loudly It's just that I'm in pain I didn't pay attention to the four-day trip I was just throwing stuff that I found in my hand in an unconventional way It's no exaggeration to say that you didn't give a damn about any of this really What I miss I'll just buy there Everything can be replaced Even me apparently

We finally got to the apartment I wore a mask of feigned joy and I intend to keep it on myself until I return home I realize I have no right to spoil the fun of everyone around me just because I'm having a bad time And anyway Why am I even crying? Luckily I have friends who can easily make me forget the bad even though they have no idea about my last little adventure And I don't want them to know Well not that I can't count on them but I'm the only one who knows a few of my failures in men I don't want to cry about it I'm not that kind of girl I wanted to forget itI wanted to clear my head It's like it never happened
We spent the whole day shopping mulled wine and immeasurable laughter I almost forgot that I was sad by the way until we got back to the hostel
It was evening and a newly-arrived company of mainly men with a little voice and apparently no longer humbled in the foreground and the kitchen
When we got close to them my heart stopped for a moment No way Life can't hate me that much to fuck with me like this That she should be here right now staying right here But as he turned against me I could tell it wasn't him It's his twin brother who I also know But with his big voice and his constant need for attention I didn't really like him back in the day On the outside there's hardly any difference It's just that the person standing in front of me has more masculine features and more muscular features which are quite similar
But after a few seconds waking up from my thoughts I was completely panicked again because it occurred to me that he was probably still out there somewhere They often move together especially when it comes to a bigger trip I searched the room with great heat looking at every nook and cranny but I didn't see him anywhere Which also doesn't mean anything because he often pulls over with a buddy at a time like this rather than really getting into the party In this way they're completely opposite
I started to feel anger and I got nervous Of course they had to stay right here Vienna's not big enough for the two of us
But then he noticed me
We hesitated to say hello I tried to hide my confusion even for the others who didn't know anything and I went into the room to unload the newly acquired items in my hands But I also heard them in the background telling us that we were welcome to join them for a drink afterwards


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