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The storm only rumbled for a few minutes and now it's just a wet shower The sharp spikes in the Lightning must have pierced something through the intricate system of the electrical grid because the lights in my apartment went out Power outage A rare but unpleasant time the unsolicited question of civilization is " Do you remember when there was no electricity?"
- I remember - I answer easily because I love the yellow-hot glow of the candle and the kerosene lamp I keep these around all the time and since I'm a smoker the Dark didn't catch me unprepared By the light of my lighter I looked for the paraffin rods and there was already candlelight dancing on the shelves Everything I wanted to spend the night with was electric so I had no choice but to open a bottle of wine and get my book out I've never read anything erotic but I like it "It is not known what it is a sweet thrill of energy measured only by the weight of the Glance which passing through the insulating layer of the air creates the attraction between man and woman without words"I'm reading this part when they knock
We have a bell I say to myself and I suddenly realize that's not working either Annoyed that I won't know what's going to happen to that man and woman I'm going to open the door
- I'm sorry but I lost power and I locked myself out  says the wet girl down the street With both hands he holds his shoulders his hair is a raccoon water you can see that he is cold
- Come on - I'll call you first by your elder right I'm thinking about it a little bit because there's no age difference I'm 29 she's probably 21 Is that the reason for the distance?
- Hi - hi I'm Thomas - I'm reaching out
- Hi - hi I'm Twilight "Call Me by name fortunately but in such a charming voice that I tremble within me of Titan"
- Sit down Would you like a glass of wine? - I ask as a polite host and I've had enough of everyone today Maybe if this wet girl who is Dawn doesn't sound so nice I'll call a locksmith and make sure I can get back to my book as soon as possible But there was something about this girl that was nicer than friendly sweeter than charming
- Thank you but I'd prefer something stronger "tell me but his voice is so soft and supplicant that I cannot resist I go to the liquor cabinet as a servant"
I will remove my wine take out polished glasses bring ice and pour whiskey
- Here you go Here's the strong one - here's your nicely packed drink
- Thank you - thank you - he takes a sip but like a little girl it's only small and his face is filled with amazement which I'm sure is not the first time he's had a drink like this
- This is delicious - say it and then a little dissolving his legs under you he sits in the chair I forgot about the lack of lightI was so under her spell I'm gonna rearrange my candles put another on the table and one around dawn so we can have more light around us
- You know I'm so miserable I almost ruin everything - say it and by the end of the sentence you'll start to sniff Now he sips a little more then puts his drink on the glass table but only so that he can put his hands on his face in sorrow The glass stops in my hand I'm looking at this angel in the candlelight snorting into my night Knowing me I'm doing the most unrealistic I sit next to him on the armrest tenderly but only as a friend I embrace him and comfort him
- See you're not so miserable You came over to my house and I'll help you - I'm trying to be convincing
I can feel his body cold from the moisture I'm an idiot I didn't think to put a blanket or a coat on it
- You must be cold I'll get you a blanket Okay?
- Get me some dry clothes please - he's sniffing it I couldn't see it until now because of the faint light but at close range it's obvious he's shaking
- Okay I'll get you something What can I get him? I'm thinking about it but all I can think about is a pair of leisure pants and a shrunken long-sleeve T-shirt I'll get it out and give it to him
- Here you go I'm sure it's not your size but it's drier than yours
- Thanks I'll go into the kitchen discreetly with a candle so you can change To spend time I put away the dishes but I keep thinking about her
Every girl I know isn't exactly feminine compared to her Self-conscious female impersonators with only a crusty masculine soul in a woman's shell She's so delicate and simple in a good way I get weak from every little move My sweet contemplation is interrupted by the sound of water What's this? I'm going out The bathroom door is open it's underwater One candle in the bathroom another on the edge of the tub
- Sorry I was freezing Please get me a towel  as he said it in words his body nodded apologetically to me This movement cannot be described because every particle from his face to his knee has been a bit involved in this body language It was so expressive that even if he didn't speak out loud I get it()


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