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When I woke up this morning I found myself alone in bed I put on a pair of shorts and went looking for it After a few minutes of walking I heard a noise so I headed towards the sound I arrived in the kitchen where she was making breakfast
He hadn't noticed me yet so I stopped to look at the door He was wearing a black satin robe I imagined the silky material touching my skin and my dick started to move I snuck up behind him and I hugged him I kissed him in the neck He was so surprised he almost dropped the plate in his hand
He turned around I held her and kissed her He kissed me back and then we started kissing I caressed her back waist butt
- Breakfast is almost ready go back to bed
I obeyed returned to the bedroom took off my pants and hid under the covers
Soon my dear appeared with a large tray in her hand It had all sorts of delicacies that we had a good appetite for After we'd finished eating I put the tray on the floor and I turned to him I kissed her I hugged her I started caressing her The kiss turned into a violent kiss I put my hand on the robe and untied it I slipped my hand under the fabric where I felt a new kind of fabric
I tried to see it but he grabbed my head and wouldn't let go while he was kissing me So I went on an expedition with my hands The dress was frilly from her chest to the middle of her thigh After a while he split in two at the front so his abdomen and pubic body were freely accessible As my hand went around the panties I noticed that at the pubic Hill after a while the substance disappears and I feel its silky skin The panties in the back didn't go on as usual; they stuck on her butt in The Shape Of A "Y" It turned me on
When I sort of groped her clothes she let go of my head so I had a chance to get a better look at her I completely smoothed his robe so I could get a full view She was wearing a black transparent baby feather that was open under her breasts
I got over him and I started kissing his face his neck his shoulders his chest When I reached her breasts I untied the little bow that held the material together at the breast so I had access to her boobs I took one of them in my hand and I caressed them and I grabbed them and I sucked on the other and I pulled them with my lips
My hand went from her breast to her stomach and then to her panties I caressed it through the soft clay and then my fingers moved down until they reached the opening At that time they switched to his skin which was now much warmer than the rest of his body My index finger slowly broke its way between her labia where it was still warm and wet I found his clitoris and started caressing him Meanwhile my lips were still playing with her breasts and my hard dick pressed against her thigh My finger moved down from the PEA to the vagina in which I slowly inserted two fingers I started fingering with these
After a while he pushed my hand away and put me on my back He kissed me from top to bottom and then he went to my penis He kissed her on the tip and started sucking her while playing with my bag
He let go of my dick and he sat over it and he sat slowly in it I put my hands on her breasts and started massaging them while she rode me slowly With my left hand I was crushing her nipples while the right slowly rolled down the side to her panties and then into the fabric where I began to massage her clitoris This pairing - nipple and clitoris-as always has done its work; it soon came
He got off my back and he was on his hands and knees on the bed I got behind him For a moment I looked at her labia peeking out of her knickers and her butt cheeks in The Shape Of A "Y" and then I went in
I moved very slowly very small in it-this pose is my destiny I tried to enjoy every moment of it I clung to his buttocks and sometimes I pulled them apart sometimes I pushed them together so as to regulate the clamping of his vagina In the meantime he moved small things on his hip; back and forth left and right


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