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After writing the previous story I never thought I'd get a single letter and I certainly didn't think I'd get so much Everyone told me to write the story of our next meeting I promised to write it assuming there's a second one I was beginning to think that Andi and the others would never come looking for me And I promised myself I wouldn't be looking for them because then I'd look like I was rushing them I didn't want to ruin this relationship So I waited
It was proved that patience was a virtue because the phone rang one afternoon Zsolti was He was a little embarrassed but I spoke calmly in spite of my excitement so soon he calmed down too I still had the experiences of our previous encounter
After a brief discussion on general topics he got to the point which I was looking forward to He wanted to invite me over for the weekend I was happy about it but I didn't want to overdo it by showing off my joy I tried to control my behavior Zsolti told me what he had planned for Andi which we should do together He wanted to try the live sandwich What can I say? after all this so am I
He told me that they've been talking about it for a long time and now that they've met me maybe it's time to get on with the action I've never done anything like this before but with an accelerated heartbeat I agreed
I asked him if I should bring anything but he blew me off with everything at home I hung up on you in a crazy way The images of our last encounter were spinning in my head I couldn't concentrate all day and it was only Thursday The minutes were slow I couldn't help but wait I tried to work I couldn't really do it I couldn't do anything else to pass the time
It's finally Friday Rush home from work this afternoon I had a bite to eat and I turned on a rockin ' rock record to cheer me up a little bit (although I didn't really need it anymore) and then I went to the bathroom
I put the shaving cream on my face and the rest on my balls I shaved them before I met them and I've shaved them every time I shave I pulled the foam off my face to the rhythm of the music When it was smooth it was my scrotum I took great care to remove unwanted hairs In the meantime I remembered the moments of our memorable time together which coupled with the tickle of the razor led to an intense erection Although I've gotten used to it since we talked on the phone with Psolt because every time I think about being there all my blood falls into my dick
I took a good shower and then I cleaned up I was already feverish from what I expected I've been looking forward to it
I'm dressed It was really early so I sat down for a while And then out of the blue I jumped up and went shopping I thought I'd bring a nice bottle of wine to lighten the mood I picked out a nice bottle of Eger Bull's blood and had it wrapped
I got on the tram in a good mood Somehow I saw the world in pink even though I wasn't in love but I still had these feelings I was excited about the idea of good sex I was already smiling when I thought about my last trip to our first meeting place the restaurant How nervous I was then Now I'm just excited about the projected prospects
My heart was pounding when I got off the tram I took the stairs in twos with a mixed anticipation Then I was outside the door fixing my dress and ringing the bell
Zsolt answered the door He told me Andi was gonna be home a little later because he had to go to work unexpectedly I didn't mind because it gives me time to cool off I thought
We opened the wine and started talking We also said a few words about our previous encounter That's when I felt that Zsolt and I were somehow connected We were drinking but in a way none of us wanted to risk what was coming I was thrilled when I thought about what would happen when Andi got home
You didn't have to wait long because you arrived with big bags He bought all kinds of fruit For me the banana really made my imagination run wild He kissed both our faces and started making himself comfortable It was nice to be so direct and we don't have to go through the unnecessary excitement we had the other day and we can only focus on the pleasurable excitement
We poured the rest of the wine for him and then we had a few bites Andi asked me if I wanted to take a bath because if I did I should go in first ' cause she's probably gonna be gone a long time I took a bath at home so I went to the room with Zsolt And Andrea disappeared in the direction of the bathroom We sat in front of the TV and talked to Zsolti I told him how much I was looking forward to getting a call()


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