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He was already on the bell when he noticed the door was open a crack He changed his mind and entered the apartment But he stopped at the door of the living room The boy - two months ago or rather just lying together-sat on the edge of the big double bed with his upper body naked and his jeans on The girl on her knees who could have been 16 years old was just a tiny bit of panties on
In a flash he made an assessment of the situation: a half-empty bottle of Cognac on the table encircled by empty beer cans The boy's eyes were dim neither surprised nor disturbed and even threw a smile at him when he saw it The little teenager I must say had his age-belied curves stopped half-way with the boy's zipper his face was disturbed his mouth open as if he was already about to eat what he had been busy unpacking
"Go on" said Mari after a moment's hesitation " I'll help you" He went up to them and he had already changed his light beach dress over his head under which he was not wearing anything He knelt down took one leg of the farmer and she recognizing his intention clung to the other They pushed the boy on his back with a cool move and they pulled the tight jeans off him and they pulled the pants off him The effect of the drink was visible: the boy's tail although it was beginning to swell was still flaccid
They got busted almost at the same time and their heads collided Where one of them put the ever-growing Acorn in his mouth while the other ran his tongue around the testicles They smoked him caressed him bit him which the boy answered with a lustful moan and a more determined erection They worked together as if they'd been practicing it for a long time based on a carefully written scenario
Knowing his partner he immediately knew when to stop he knew that if they continued the tool that was already sharpening as a stake would go off and they could only channel their tension on one another Taking advantage of her position - the girl was still in her underwear - pushing away her "helper" she grew up on him in a quick movement His battle-wetened pubic lips were slightly pulled apart and suddenly fell on the hard cock He loved that feeling enjoyed it for a short time motionless In the meantime the girl got rid of her wet underwear and with no other choice turned against her descended upon the boy's mouth His thick black hair covered the mouth which opened eagerly He leaned on one hand and with the other he profoundly opened a more free passage to the prying language directing it by the small movements of his buttocks
Mari was watching all this carefully not for herself but not for the boy He was watching her reaction He accelerated or slowed the boy's tongue as if he were his own As he got faster the boy began to lick more and more violently and the pleasure of the girl increased Almost visibly he came then he suddenly slowed his movement the tongue followed the "instruction"faithfully()


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