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Hello everyone
So I'm just 18 no problem with my sex life good with my boyfriend and all but I want it to be more savagebut I don't dare tell him That's why I masturbate When I'm alone in the apartmentmy parents are working like I get turned on
I've had four or five stories for years to play again and again First of all I'm going to dress up in my most challenging dress I wouldn't wear on the street There's a big mirror in my room in front of everything It'll take about half an hour but I'll stretch it out as long as I can But over the years I've collected all the tools I need and kept them safe
So I'm walking around in heels and a supermini with a tiny thong underneath The story begins I'm totally into it One of my favorite stories is that I walk down the street and it's night and I'm on my way home from work in this dress I always cross a black neighborhood with a bad reputation because it's a shortcut I walk past a band oncethey call me names they laugh I go that way the next day and I know they're there There'll be a couple of guys there but they won't touch me yet And so it goes for days all the more they let you but I was too stubborn and proud to just forthat to go in the evening Of coursebecause I know how it ends
The point isthey're humiliating me more and moresetting conditions to let me through their "territory" First I have to show them my pantiesI have to let them all touch mefirst I have to touch my butt then the next day they're grabbing my pussy and they're getting harder and harder Since I always go that way the next day they know I want this humiliationof courseI'm always offended against it but I'm a weak woman I can't handle them I'm slowly getting to the endmaking up new and new details
Of course I vibrate all the way through my pecker and by this time mimimum was gone twice The story goes that at the end of the night I'm standing in front of them in a teenytiny thong and stilettostrembling with excitement on the streettrying to cover myself in a shy wayof courseso I can see everything and they're touching me and I'm just whispering " please don't hurt me or anything" I'm not yelling for help I'm just quietly begging them I meantechnicallyI'm admitting that I really want them not to stop
And then their boss says "Well we're gonna punish you pretty good" and he's gonna take out tweezers and put them on my nipplesand he's gonna make my ass look goodbut a lot better" First I used wooden clips in this section but now I use metal teeth
Later I colored the story and after ripping off the thong they put tweezers in my pussy On a good day todayI'm so drunk I can't get anywhere The point is to be completely humiliated and punished in the end and to have moremany and many to watch the Tortura After they put the tweezers on mebut in the meantime I have to suck their dicks while they laugh and cheer each other up My humiliation is complete so it's almost complete I've never been fucked
I'll pretend to get spit on as I'm on my knees or standing Of coursea thick vibrator will slide into me very hard/sex shop product/ I fantasize that I'm being raped and I'll drag it until I can't stop because my knees are shaking at the end of the day I don't care about my dick then ' cause all I ever did was vibrateand now I just want to feel them fucking on the inside LatelyI've been trying to stick a small vibrator in my buttthinking I have two men in me at the same time It's a little hard to hold him because I don't have that many hands but it's worth it when they'RE both insideI feel like a huge bitch and I have an orgasm And with my other handa little whip-I did that I didn't dare to beat myself up But it really stingsso I imagine they fuck hard and whip where they come from By the wayI'm trying to beat myself so hardI'm aiming at the tweezers on me because if I hit it hard enough there's extra pain Of course my ass and my pussy So in the end I have so many serial orgasms that I can't describe it
So I keep going on but I just don't want to tell my friend about itand I'm going to sink But now the sex isn't complete because that's what I want I'd love to play the little bitch with himlike in the story just do to me what those "Negroes" in the story That's what I want By the waynot only is this the only story I ever play I always change it but there are favorites I'm so glad I wrote that down I'm a little relieved I'm a little nervous I'm thinking more men might be reading this If you gentlemen are interested in my other stories I can write them down Let me know what you think


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