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I had to help a friend that day Actually a girl from our company moved into a new apartment and asked me if I could come over and help set up
I went along with it because I didn't have any other plans for that day and I liked Andi too We used to tease each other all the time when we were in the same companywe could never resist making jokes at the expense of the other Fortunately we both put up with what we get as well as when we give
Andi by the way was a skinny girlI used to call her Krusty The most beautiful however was her Tushy because she was tall and thin and the desirable half-spheres were exactly like men's bread
I arrived at the apartment in the suburbs around 11: 00 and it was like a hurricane was sweeping through the rooms The larger furniture was already in place fortunately but on the ground on the chairs on the bed in short there were piles of clothes books and all the rubbish in a household
Andi bet me one of those one-of-a-kind ones in a bag that's almost knee-deep and covers everything I think this garment is every man's nightmare
When I arrived we began to work almost immediately and at his request I began to put the books on the shelf Of course the usual pecking still hasn't gone away We used to pick on each other all the time and I'd scold her apartment and her library and she'd use my packing technique and tempo with more colorful adjectives Often compared to certain snails or monkeys
As time progressed we began to make harder and harder jokes Since we didn't have to hold back here we both had our fantasies They're getting bigger and bigger dropping punches on each other
In response to one of my more successful comments about his shape a flying sock arrived / Lucky for me he was packing his clothes not his dinnerware/ I've been down this road it was part of the fun Sooner or later he'd start throwing his first-hand object at me and I'd tickle him every chance I got She hated it but it was hilarious when she started screaming as soon as I touched her waist
Out there it was almost afternoon and we were packing and picking on each other with short cigarette breaks As we began to get tired of packing our comments became more provocative in the end we stopped working we just chased each other around the apartment He was throwing and I was tickling and we ended up falling out of breath
- Let's eat - he suggested that his breathing would stop
- Mm-hmm so should I go to the store? - I asked suspiciously
- Oh don't let your little hands fall off - he said-Don't worry I thought we could get pizza
We spent our time in relative tranquility until the food arrived and during the meal We talked about friends work vacation While we were eating we agreed that I would help you move some more heavy stuff then put the empty boxes on top of the closet and we were done He can clean up the rest of the stuff tomorrow
We did but now we're going a lot slower than before We were both more busy with each other We watched each other with one eye on the one hand when he gave us a chance to make a comment on the other because it felt good to see the other We used to smile at each other though it might be more of a grimace but anyway the point is we had a good laugh Because of this the time had gone by when we got to the loading of the boxes was already starting to get dark
I was juggling one of the boxes on top of the closet when I felt Andi coming up behind me
- How does it feel? - he asked and at that moment he tickled me Also ticklish I don't have to explain why the box landed on my head Lucky for me it was empty I couldn't let that happen without immediate retribution:
- You're gonna get it - I went after him with an exclamation
I reached him in the hall holding his back and I held his waist firmly and I began to tickle him She was screaming and scratching her beautiful butt was rubbing against my groin and I could feel my boner attacking I put one last thing in his side and then I let him go before he could even see my condition
- I hope you learned your lesson - I said it with a smile and went back to the box
- Yes yes I heard it from behind but it wasn't very convincing
I got the box back in my hands now be careful expecting a sneak attack I wasn't disappointedI barely raised it over my head when something soft hit the back of my head The box fell in front of me but I didn't deal with it anymore I was already halfway to Andi who now made it all the way to the kitchen before I could catch up with her()


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