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I had another fight with my wife last night We've been fighting a lot lately mostly small stuff It just happened He slammed the bathroom door on me and took a shower I was angrily marching upstairs to take a hot bath in the upstairs bathroom in case it calmed me down I was so busy thinking about the fight I had just had that I didn't realize that someone was already in there When I walked in I noticed my daughter Claudia standing there stark naked in the tub bent over your corner washing her hair My feet are ground up from the sight Claudia is far more mature than her age in terms of her physical abilities She's 13 years old but she's about my height (i'm 175) and she's not skinny she's more of a proportional build I noticed that earlier because I couldn't help but notice that her breasts have grown so much lately and her hips have grown too
Everyone who didn't know him assumed he was about 16 or 18 Now that she was naked I was shocked to see her A mesmerizing young woman bent over me without her clothes on He put the water in his hair from the hand-held shower so he didn't realize he wasn't alone He was within my reach and as he laid his hands on me it was clear between the perfect two half-spheres of his butt his rosy pussy and the heavenly hole of his bottom My dick immediately started to stiffen and I practically forgot she was my daughter The exhilarating sight of a woman's body burned into my brain I got my nose smeared with the excitation of her pussy His eyes were closed and he reached out for the towel That's when I saw her beautiful huge round breasts They're already bigger than your mother's The nipples were pointed forward as a cool breeze from the open window touched them Oh my god I'm about to come spontaneously in my pants Luckily I saw him wiping his eyes and I quickly returned to the corridor holding the door shut in front of me and then I knocked "Occupied" exclaimed My daughter and I confused but relieved that I had not been caught I went downstairs
- Are you all right? - asked my wife who had just come out of the bathroom downstairs - Because you look so weird and you look so pale And you're sweating
- No I'm fineI'm just tired I'm gonna take a shower
In the shower I kept seeing a picture of my daughter's naked body burning into my brain and in my nose I could smell her pussy I couldn't take it anymoreI had to relieve myself I couldn't control myself and technically after two strikes I got a big spew on the glass in the shower stall I cleaned up the trail quickly cleaned up and went to bed My mind was filled with strange thoughts and sometimes I felt sick because I could see things in a completely different light and I was ashamed of what had happened
I must have dozed off because I woke up with a door slam It came from my daughter's room I sat up half comatose my wife was snoring next to me The house was quiet I couldn't understand why my daughter was banging on the door I got up to check it out I walked into his room and saw him lying in bed but he wasn't asleep
- What was that noise? - I did
- It was just the wind blowing through my door
- All right then I was scared
- Since you're here can I have a good night kiss? I never get any these days - he said with a playful sulk
- Sure baby - I told him and I stepped to his bed I don't know what's happening to us anymore but things are moving faster
He will rise as soon as I bend over so the kiss will be halfway to his mouth We're both surprised for a second but then suddenly our lips are all together and I start kissing her gently He gets stiff at first but he lets me kiss him and then he kisses me back My heart is pounding and it's hot all over my body I can feel my dick stiffening and tightening into my underwear I'm gonna carefully stick my tongue in his mouth which will make him snap back for a second but then he'll relax again and he'll stick his tongue out and start playing with mine Soon we'll be engaged in a voluptuous tongue-fight and our breathing will become more intense As we kiss passionately I take my left hand to unbutton the top buttons of her pajamas and caress her skin slowly approaching her breasts She's got beautiful tits My dick is about to explode when I first reach his prickly-standing nipple He sticks his hand in my mouth when I start crumbling between my fingers I'm in the clouds too and that's more than you can handle
But we will not stop I will break away from his mouth and I will stack his neck with kisses and then his cleavage I'm going down step by step towards the beautiful buds She screamed softly when I got one in my mouth and started sucking it and then flicking it with my tongue I spend a lot of time on it and then I switch to the other cat()


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