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I was walking at the fair I wanted to buy a white scrunchie It was interesting because the whole town was completely deserted like it was just a couple of my classmates and me but my classmates drove off to the nearest pub I was in college They thought I was a pretty girl and the boys were all over me But I didn't want any they didn't have what I needed
I saw a booth which was basically just a table with a tablecloth and a wad of merchandise Behind him was a little petite girl Short blond hair huge eyelashes bright green eyes He was like a little kid
He was immersed in a thick book coated in newspaper so you wouldn't even know what he was reading He was chewing an Apple and eating lines with his eyes wide open It was a lovely sight I didn't mean to interrupt It's too late He looked up and asked what he had to offer I was the one who was bewitched and it took me 30 seconds to sober up I smiled at her-what else could I do in my confusion-and told her I was looking for a white scrunchie Preferably something soft
On the table were mostly handjobs dresses sewn together from different materials and other objects Something about a scrunchie that had white on the back He looked at me with big begging eyes to buy it So I bought it and then we got to talking
- You want to go for a walk? - he asked with a smile
- Sure why not but you're leaving your stuff?
- Oh good I'll pack
- What about the deal? - I asked him in shock
- Oh you can do it tomorrow - he winked and packed
So we walked through cobblestone streets alleys I don't know where we've been we've been talking and I've had a really good time She was a nice girl and she could look at me like I was crazy We arrived at a small cottage with geraniums in the window It was so low that the roof started where my head was The cottage was in an alleyway and the tenements Rose next to it I don't know how this tiny hole got here Anyway I liked that the grass was green everywhere and in front of the cabin there was a fence about six inches wide where flowers were growing
- I live here Watch the entrance there's stairs and don't hit your head - said Anna That was his name I managed to hit my head no matter how careful I was I wandered down the stairs and sat down in the tiny little chair that came my way
- Oh no Did you hit your head? Wait I'll get a compress  A minute later he was holding the cold soft cloth to my head Her breasts hit my face her little hand caressed my hair I don't know if he did it on purpose but it was really good Suddenly the spell broke and as if nothing had happened he asked:
- Do you want some chocolate mousse? That's the best way to treat a bump in the head
- I'll have some - I smiled
She made a delicious chocolate mousse it was like a fairy tale And Anna was just pouring out what she probably couldn't share with anyone
- I'm reading an adventure novel with knights and evil kings and meg Oh god I'm so lonely - he got serious and looked right in front of him She seemed even more fragile I pulled closer to him and I hugged him I was calming him down and then all of a sudden he looked at me and he grabbed my face and he kissed me Then he hugged me he caressed me His kisses made me tingle like I've never felt before I've only been kissed by boys I'm wet I kissed him back and he kissed me with more heat but at the same time he kissed me even more gently even more erotic When I could get away from his mouth I looked at him and I looked at him with a questionful eye and I thought he'd outline the rest Instead he shamed himself and said:
- I'm sorry I'm lonely I have no one My parents died and left me this one cottage I live for my books Men don't care about me I don't get love from anyone I just experience the love that my book heroes have And now here you are glowing with the will to love and the need to love and you're beautiful You were listening to me No one's ever done that before I need you
- I'm not mad Anna You may not believe this but I love you I love that you're fragile that you're the way you are Look I don't know how many hours I've known you and I don't even know if it's today or tomorrow but I don't care It's really nice talking to you looking at your face staring at you
After that we stopped talking about ithe just read to me in his tinkling naughty voice I sat next to him and listened under the covers We fell asleep together The sun was shining in the morning and I woke up and Anna was looking at me admiring me I thought I was dreaming all this But it's not He was lying next to me and when he saw me wake up he stroked my face
"Good morning" he said " I hope you slept well"


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