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This week things didn't work out for me Because of a contract I had to go to Budapest at the explicit request of my boss (not at all according to my preference) which did not make me happy because I am not at all a welcome type of traveler In addition to all of this in addition to this I found myself lost in the district chasing after me with three Hispanic-looking guys who'd been following me for a while I could feel the tension growing inside me How am I gonna get out of this?
But let me start at the beginning John (my boss) suggested that the downward trend in our sales could be stopped if someone went up to the capital observed the trend of fashion there and brought with them some new line of clothes He chose me He had no choice because he had the others vote democratically who of course were willing to agree with him
My train was scheduled to leave in an hour (fortunately I always had a ready-packed suitcase for such an eventuality) so I had not much to think about but had to leave for the station This could have been a good trip but what came after that
I was so unlucky with traffic I got stuck in traffic and I missed the train by 10 minutes I was scheduled to wait a good hour Going home wouldn't have made any sense so I got a good book Needless to say the best thing to do was to wait at the station so that at least I could spend my time with my favorite entertainment in the meantime I read In the meantime however the weather was bad and there was a terrible storm after we left It was a terrible storm It had become quite dark in spite of the early afternoon - and it had an overwhelming effect on everyone's mood
The hotel - now in Budapest-would have been fine but in both adjoining rooms there were honeymooners who lived tirelessly all night and I couldn't take it any longer until dawn I decided to take a little stroll around the neighborhood That's how I got caught up in the situation I told you at the beginning of the story
The three guys behind me were getting closer to me Their tempo was always adjusted to mine I gave up my intention to walk a long time ago and I was running Needless to say I didn't feel like meeting these guys But they were younger and faster than me I saw a cross street and I decided to take a turn there I was really hoping it would be busier at this hour of the morning I turned the corner and feared the worst That's when I realized I was turning into a dead end
But there was no turning back There were three of them laughing and staring at me I realized I couldn't escape One of them who was called Rico came closer and reached out to me with his hand I jumped back in fear and I decided not to show how much fear I felt
"What do you want from me?"'I cried - "here you go"take my money if you want it and I'll even give you my watch"
"Fuck your watch Man"'Rico with a contemptuous smile on his face' we want your ass You're such a hot-looking guy who can give my dick a nice time"
And then there was a real fear in my body Rico wasn't tall or short As I took a closer look at him now he seemed like a real tough guy who could really get his muscles out through his tight clothes I instinctively cast my gaze on his groin and then he was stuck there I could see through his tight jeans that I wasn't dealing with someone with a tiny pin There was a thick bulge and there was a long slide down the thigh I took my breath away and I began to stutter and beg them to let me go
The other two guys were just standing there laughing and telling Rico not to stop Rico didn't have a gun but the other two were holding open knives You could tell they wouldn't let you go Not without bloodshed My options have become clear and I can't count on mercy for either of you
JOCO and Carlos as I later learned their names were slightly taller than Rico but they had a very similar structure The bulging on their pants wasn't as clear as Rico's I started whining and I tried to get them to abandon their intentions
"Bring him"'I'll open the door"
That's when I realized what an idiot I was I was on my way to their camp To my right a storage door opened and Rico stepped right over there
"We're gonna have a great time with you "he laughed" and I bet when we did it to you you're gonna be begging us not to stop"


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