Flexible Teen Athena Faris Gets Creampie Again at Casting

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Erika was standing right in front of me I couldn't speak I just watched and admired her beauty
I would have loved to have touched her kissed her but I didn't it wasn't my plan I wanted something that would leave a mark on his brain and body for life I got a little closer to him but he still didn't know I was there The sound bombs at the nightclub were suppressing the sounds of my approach When we felt our bodies touching each other he saw us
He wasn't scared he was just surprised by the sound of his body He knew it was me he knew I was gonna be at the club he thought it was a little weird that we were separated but he loved my toys and he knew he was gonna get a great experience again
So the outsiders didn't notice my presence not even the tall athletic boy who had already spotted my beloved's interest in him Not only did he spot it but he also showed mutual affection for it It was no surprise for she was not as conspicuously beautiful as she was and she added a shovel to her Snow-White Mini from which her beautiful legs grew The little blanket also white was a slightly translucent blouse through which you could see her lovely round little breasts
The boy did not see me for I remained in the shadow of the pillar that Erika relied upon
The boy set off towards us and my companion shook a little but he did not retreat from his approach I leaned over your ear and I whispered in your ear:
- I love you you're as beautiful as I've ever seen
And that's it I'm gone no more feeling but he knew he was constantly under my attention and I'm not leaving you because it's part of our little game
The boy got to him He was really nice and he smelled really good yeah I think he liked the guy's vibe They sat down talked laughed The guy brought Champagne one after the other in order to lighten the mood
I meanwhile settled at a not-too-distant table so that I could see everything enjoy every moment of our game
It must have been about an hour before he leaned over and whispered something in his ear something very interesting because I saw a slight disturbance in his face which made him aware of the dark mysterious night club
He saw me he saw me I'll never forget that look in his eyes He had the element of surprise a little scare and a lot of excitement
We were looking at each other and the guy said he whispered his wishes to her
From Erika's eyes almost every wish could be read out of the tall guy's eyes Well I think he was very excited by the words of the new friend and the delicate palm of his hand which had already been resting on his two shapely thighs
At that time he stopped the story with an abrupt interruption which I suspect was already on the verge of using a very comfortable bed He smiled sweetly at the boy and whispered back to the suitor to pay while he visited the toilet and then targeted the wardrobe
On the way out he winked back and with a gentle gesture he brushed the boy's hand off his beautiful ass He was walking on those beautiful legs towards the bathroom The bathroom was at the end of a long corridor on the left of the entrance was a room reserved for non-guests completely blacked out with the door open Erika passed by the room and already pressed the doorknob when she heard my voice
- Does this guy like his ideas? I could hear my voice from the dark room
He smiled and turned to me
- If you only knew what he said The second sentence My Pussy's wet I was terribly aroused by the things he said the way he said it the way he said it the way you looked at me
'Cause I've seen you I've been looking for you with my eyes and my body
Then he approached me into the darkness He couldn't see me but it was like he was looking me in the eye I smiled
- And ? Do I know what those exciting words were?
- The words themselves weren't exciting it was moving that you were on my mind the whole time you and your hot body your soul everything
By the time he finished his sentence he was already there I was sitting on a table he stepped between my legs and kissed me So he came at me and he reached down my throat with his tongue He took his two hands on the side of his skirt and pulled it up to his waist I put my hands on his bare ass and I tore off his little thong in a single motion She screamed for a moment and moved away
 You still want to know what the big guy was trying to seduce you with ?
- I'd love to
- So he bragged about his giant Dick said it was the biggest dick I've ever seen and he'd be happy to do me the honor
Then Erika unwrapped my tool and kneeled in front of me
- He also said he'd make me taste his bodily fluids


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