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He came to me early the next afternoon I got the apartment a little better this morning and I was having doubts I had some ideas but I couldn't tell him anyway At the same time yesterday he made it very clear that not only does he not find these things humiliating but he also demands it
When I saw all my moral inhibitions dissolved Red stilettos black stretchy miniskirts red top Braless In thick makeup-she looked like a luxury whore I just stood at the door and couldn't move
- Sir did you order a blowjob? "he asked with a smile on his face and with that gesture he kneeled down to the threshold dug out my dick and stumbled upon it" She's growing so fast she couldn't satisfy me and I was wondering if one of my neighbors was coming by right now It's an inexplicable situation when a woman kneels in the hallway at a man's door and gives him a blow job When I started to enjoy the red shoes I saw a scene: I suddenly took a step back so my dick slipped out of his mouth and directed my seed all over his face and breasts I saw the surprise on his face but he reacted quickly: he raised the huge breasts and let them water When he was gonna move to massage all the sperm into the red matter I said:
- No no no no
She was looking at me like I didn't understand and I knew she was either gonna tell me to go to hell or she was as perverse as she said she was yesterday
- Can you get me a pack of cigarettes from downstairs?
For a second there I thought I was gonna slap you but you smiled
- Sure honey - he turned around and headed for the elevator
Two minutes later my phone rang
- Hey Baby What cigarettes should I bring?
 I'll offer you two strong orgasms if you turn the Twins over to the guy at the grocery store
He laughed merrily and hung up the phone I had a cigarette and opened a bottle of wine when he arrived He's got more semen on his shirt He threw the cigarette there laughing
- Yeah I admit yesterday after you asked for a simple blow job I wasn't expecting this kind of fun I'm glad you're more creative than I thought
I put my stomach on the counter without saying a word and I stuck it in the back I never thought I'd be so turned on by the fact that the woman I was fucking five minutes ago had her dick on her I fucked her hard Her jizz tits were slithering on the counter while I was banging her He couldn't even hold on properly because his hands kept slipping in the puddles left by his breasts
- Play with your clit - I ordered him to and he obeyed immediately I think they could hear her screams downstairs I felt his body shaking and he came several times but I didn't stop until I filled the hot cunt And then I sat on top of him for minutes and all we could hear was our breathing
- You animal - he turned around and kissed me like crazy Our lips tore each other long
- Thank you - thank you - he said after we calmed down-that was incredible
Just like he was he went in the shower with his clothes on and then he took the top and the skirt out to dry on the balcony I gave him a T-shirt and he was lying on the couch next to me with a nice glass of red wine
- Tell me what was in the shops?
- Okay but first I want to know where the idea came from
- I saw it in a Porno a while ago This blonde German chick she had a lot of cum on her and then she went down to the store and bought herself a bottle of water and then she played a little more corsage
- I hope you've seen a lot of these movies So I didn't meet anyone in the elevator or lobby I was calling from the store asking what kind of cigarettes you want When you came up with that idea you figured out I didn't have a dime In the store I played the naive dumb bitch Some scientist kid with glasses was sitting behind the counter I said Hi and asked for cigarettes From the look of his head he must have had a huge boner and I'm surprised he didn't push the counter over me He wouldn't take his eyes off my tits he'd give me the smokes I must have been pretty intense and I was so excited my nipples were all over the top It made the impact even more intense But with a smile I pretended I wasn't wearing anything special I felt the back of my skirt real quick
"I'm sorry" I told the kid " my boyfriend broke me for cigarettes but I forgot to bring money - the guy just swallowed a lot and tried to say it was okay - a gift I pretended that's when I noticed what he was looking at me with his eyes drooping over me
- Oops - I said it a little blushing - I didn't realize that - and I tried to smudge the stain By that I mean I gave the kid a little tit Then I waved him off  I'll just run upstairs and change and bring some money


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