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Eli leaned over me and kissed me and then he lifted me up and put me on his lap He kissed me very gently with his lips gently caressing my back my butt I wanted to touch her breasts very much so I caressed her and then I gently touched her I can't believe I'm gonna have tits like that Eli's fingers quickly found my punim very sensual caresses his fingers routinely excite my pubic body which as a result made me run through the cold or the heat I don't know just that he reached for me to have an orgasm at a record speed Eli lowered the tub and took a shower of the foam off of us put me on the edge of the tub and started licking very gently sticking a finger gently up my vagina I felt in the clouds of Eli's devotion to his work At first his finger slipped into me just a little bit writing in small circles and then slowly went deeper and deeper My body was dancing involuntary Soon another bolt of lightning struck my body but Eli continued to lick my juicy Cup pulled his finger out of my vagina and pushed it slowly into my butt
- Act like you're pushing out the poop - he whispered it in my ear
I did what you asked and I felt your finger slide very slowly into me I really felt particularly good Eli made very careful moves while he kept licking my pussy and it made me feel like I was melting I didn't think it would feel so good to have someone stick their finger in my butt but it's indescribable as it slowly slips into me fills me up and the slow moves make me feel unknown Well instead of melting I had another orgasm
- You're very good to me
 Don't worry you'll get a chance to return the favor but this is your night and I'd like to answer your questions
- Thank you - thank you
- Silly there's nothing to thank Would you like to pee on me?
- I don't know Do you?
- I really do
- So am I
- Fine I'll keep pampering you down here You pee whenever you feel like it Don't worry I love the taste of pee
Eli stuck his finger up his ass again and kept licking but now he moved his finger inside me so that I had to pee more and more
 Oh Eli's good I'm gonna pee my pants
The dams opened and poured out of me into Eli's potty mouth Eli lifted his head and let my pee run out of his mouth and with his hand lifted his chest he began to bathe him in the yellow juice that was still flowing out of me All this seemed very nice to me and then he leaned back to my vagina and kept licking until I came again
 Eli I want to learn everything from you
- I don't think you should be taught anything you're an instinctive very sensual girl
- I want to enjoy everything you enjoy
- Are you sure about this?
- Yeah like I want you to pee on me
- You're welcome if you like Are you sure?
- Yeah I'd love to
Eli stood up in front of me in the tub and put one foot up next to me where I was sitting She had a naked nunia unlike a grown woman's home
- Why don't you have hair on your vagina?
- I'm waxing it
- I don't know
- Guys like it better this way it's easier to keep it clean and no hair goes in the mouth of anyone who wants to lick
As if that's a cue he pulled his fingers out of his vagina and I leaned over and I licked my girlfriend's crack and then I sat back to see the miracle Soon the first drops came and then the river came Even though I'm a girl I didn't know exactly where the pee came from I could see it up close Eli was very good at directing the pleasantly warm urine flow to my chest Eli was telling the truth and I enjoyed the bathroom and I enjoyed the fact that it was just warm enough to suit my skin and the smell of it suddenly stimulated me so I couldn't miss giving my face a bath and I couldn't even taste it I stuck my tongue out in the pee - Ray all over my face tasted the saltine The strange smell and taste of liquid did not disgust me but only pleasant feelings When Eli finished he used his lips to soak up the pee drops off my skin and make out with me again The taste of pee starts the saliva production which makes the kiss even softer
We were playing in the bedroom Eli threw a bag in the middle of the bed opened it The bag was full of tools Eli grabbed a piece that was a perfect replica of a dick
- I'll show you how to treat a penis Always be firm but don't be rude
He put it up to his mouth kissed it licked it held it with one hand and held it around with the fingers of the other hand and dragged it back and forth and then slipped it into his mouth and moved it
- Now I'll show you what you can't see only feel
He took my hand and he took my thumb and his tongue was on my finger and he gave me a gentle massage and I felt a slight suction on my finger


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