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The next day Charles arrived at the urging of the interior architect Agnes and immediately went to work He made plans for us tonight but he stopped to eat and drink In the following picture Charles imagined the interior entering the main entrance he dreamed of a kitchen on the right White front black sink in the back an office on the left with a separate bathroom Further to the right was the male and to the left was the female guest toilet Then the Square opens and we reach a huge room where a hundred people can sit It opens from the Great Hall a small one where ten or fifteen people can have a good time There was another room in the drawings I didn't know what to make of According to Charles Agnes specifically asked for a guest room and she did Of course with a separate external entrance on the back of the building In a small lobby on the right is a mini-bathroom with shower sink toilet On the left was the guest room of less than 20 square meters Of course these were just sketches Charles promised as soon as the plans were ready he would arrange all the permits and send the papers in the mail Agnes decided to go home with Charles and I felt sorry for her because I wanted to spend a few more nights with her I couldn't help but notice that the architect is attracted to Agnes I was also sure you were waiting for your reward for coming here so quickly and doing your job
After they left the house became very quiet Before New Year's eve things got a little hectic and I understand that you're taking orders I spent New Year's Eve with my friends and I got really drunk At some point they took me home at dawn dropped me off at the door and drove off I crawled up the stairs on my hands and knees lying next to the couch in the living room knocking some glasses off the table Grandma of course appeared to the noise turned on the light and laughed
- What do you look like? Weren't you going to bed?
- Yeah but I'm just taking a break - I stutter
- Come on I'll help you
He helped me up and he staked me into my room and he threw me on the bed and he undressed me Just one more shirt and I was wearing my underwear and then it was off me Grandma sat on the edge of the bed and stroked my half-hard dick
 You're very beautifulnow I know why Agnes was so into you
He grabbed my tool and started milking it gently I remembered the good old days and I got an erection so hard I thought I was gonna pass out Grandma did her job with a smile pulled her fingers tighter and started beating her at the beat And then he put his other hand back on my balls and he crumbled them He was doing very well Soon I came out of there with a rattle a little more caress He wiped me clean with my underwear got up picked up my clothes and went out
"Oh yes Happy New Year My Dear" said he at the door
A new wine shop came to me and said they wanted me to be their wine supplier The next day I went to the place to discuss the details A woman in her fifties introduced herself as the owner tried to negotiate very hard and ended up offering more per litre than I would have asked
He was very proud of you for being able to negotiate like this so I let him rejoice in your perceived success Valika was a good woman about six feet tall and I think she was close to a hundred pounds She didn't look fat though but she was so plentiful in boobs and buttocks She posed as queen bee in the middle of the shingling and the testicles/the regular drunks/ snuck up to the counter for a spritzer We agreed to deliver once a week but if you need it urgently something can call you anytime He asked me to come early in the morning before opening I hated getting up early but now I said yes Behind the counter there was a little warehouse and I had to bring in the wine cans and I could barely make it out in the narrow bar After a while I noticed that when I was bringing everything in and coming out my wife was already in the middle of the counter The only way I could get to him was if I rubbed him if he was facing the big boobies if he was facing back I was stuck to his monumental ass It made me feel like he was pushing his ass out more teasing me One of these times when he stood in front of me again I stopped opposite him and pressed my groin against him and grabbed his breasts
- Valika please don't tease me because I can't control myself and I'm gonna do something I'm gonna regret
He looked me in the eye with a smile and then he reached down and stroked my dick through pants
- What took you so long Norbika? Let's see what you can regret
His hand was already in my pants and he was crushing my hard-hitting penis I turned him over and I pushed him on the counter and the glasses were rattling as he lay between them I pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties I knelt down and bit his ass I pushed my finger into her vagina and it was wet()


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