Twistys – Cute lil lesbians Riley Reid, Jill Kassidy have a sleepover

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My story begins when my partner and I moved in together and he started working at a local coffee shop This is where he met his new girlfriend Adrien Days went by weeks and months the two girls were getting closer before they knew it they were inseparable
It was then that my partner decided it was time to introduce us so he arranged a Sunday afternoon meeting with the girlfriend We passed through where I met a very pretty nice and cute mother and family in her mid-20s We sat down to talk while the two kids were playing And then Adrienn said to me "let's have a toast and bring a glass and a drink" but let me help her Of course I followed him into the kitchen where he showed me which bottle to take off the top of the cabinet and when I opened the cabinet he saw that it didn't reach the top shelf and I needed a ladder And then as a joke I said" Let it go I'll pick you up "and he said" Let it go I'll pick you up" By his hips I lifted him up and lifted him up and took the glasses off and as I lowered him he turned around and hit the ground I got two big kisses and a hug And then we got back to the others and that's how it all started
After that time passed we used to hang out and somehow I always managed to get two or three kisses from him
Unfortunately she and her husband Don't get along very well and The Last Post-Kids trial for staying together doesn't work so they filed for divorce
That's when the next thing happened when we got back together but it was just the three of us That's when he told me he was moving the two kids into a sublet that day Poor thing was really upset so my date offered to take the kids to the playground while we pack up and get ready to go when the moving car comes Anyway my date went out with the kids while we were packing and when we were ready the poor thing looked around and it was just boxes and boxes And then she started crying and I put my arms around her and I told her to calm down because it's only gonna get better from here and she needs to stay strong for the kids And then she looked at me with tears and kissed me and next thing you know she was sitting on the kitchen counter and we were halfway through undressing each other But then the bell rang and the moving car arrived
It's been almost a month and we haven't even met
Around that time the two girls decided to start training with the word "home gymnastics" to get in better shape
One of those times I was home the two girls in the middle of the room repeating some exercise video and I was drooling like an innocent man My partner got so caught up in it he didn't even realize that I wasn't really looking at himI was looking at Adrienn who on the other hand showed up and didn't even bother after the other night During a bathroom break I got into second place with him and he started twirling his cute little butt into a sticky "leggings" and I came up and I pulled him over and kissed him I knew she wanted itbut I knew my date would be back any minute so I just took off and sat down
And then came the turning point which was an ominous evening that changed a lot of things
My partner and I talked about how she and Adrienn are girls while me and my buddy are having a boys ' night out That worked out well until 10: 00 pm when my cell phone rang and my very drunk boyfriend just told me to give you a cigarette and I got the chance and I said I should pass he didn't want it but Adrienn told me I needed a cigarette That's how he agreed to let me come over and bring cigarettes and booze
When I reached them at the gate I called him and told him to let me in and Adrienn came down and opened the door I gave him the cigarette and I asked him for a kiss and I got a big kiss which of course turned us both on


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