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When I bought a sensitive goodbye from my husband at the airport it was four o'clock in the afternoon I had to stop by and buy some groceries because there was nothing at home and I had a whole long free weekend ahead of me God I was looking forward to this weekend I was tired I worked a lot this week I knew I wouldn't do anything except sleep sleep and sleep for the third time My partner's gonna be away in London for three days plus he's gonna be working all weekend working with a new company to work on a longer-term partnership Even after this weekend I didn't mind her going away at all I just wanted to be alone when I could do whatever I wanted and no one would talk me into my life
On the way home from the airport I thought about what to buy Traffic was slow and it started to rain I turned on the radio to surround me with something better than the usual murmur of a town that's always crazy and sometimes boring which is what gets in the car After a few minutes the announcer confirmed it was going to be this bad all weekend Anyway I wasn't planning on doing anything so everybody just leave me alone Somehow the rain calmed me now though it could have at least waited until I finished shopping
I turned into the parking lot of my favorite supermarket and drove all the way to the front door Lucky for me I just got backed out by a car that I was about to pull into There were a lot of people of course because they're off the clock and everyone's in a hurry to go shopping and then they run home to the family I was in a hurry routinely going through the lines filling up the car and after 20 minutes I was at the counter The cashier was a little bored but at least he got off early I paid and I pushed the car to the car The rain's been falling all right now and my hair's getting all wet not to mention my dress By the time I put everything in the trunk I was a mess Even my panties are covered in water I pressed the heating and turned on the seat heating It was nice to see the heat coming fast I Felt It boiling over my bottom half it felt really good because I was only wearing a very thin pair of panties and I shaved my pussy completely bald last night because my husband specifically claimed last night before he left He likes me hairless Although I prefer to have some on it but my husband doesn't Even though we've been married for five years he married me at 29 but the sex is still pretty intense between us when it comes to it It's true we make love up to two times a week but then he's always willing to do it honestly and really good even though we always have the same kind of relationship First I put his dick in his mouth and play with him for a while and then he comes with his tongue You're gonna lick my pubic button a little bit and then you're gonna slide your tongue in and out of my vagina while you play with one of your fingers on my clitoris Then he's lying on his back and I'm sitting in his stiff and red - hot tool and I'm riding him for like 15 20 minutes He always does and I'm grateful to him for that because the only sex I have is perfect in this position So I can enjoy six or eight of them but if I was under them all the time maybe once or twice if I was good I'm pretty deep and high because I'm sensitive and that's the only way the tip of his dick can reach the perfect spot It's a normal size but if it was a little bigger it wouldn't bother me at all So when I get off of her she's really tired anyway she comes over me and finishes our intimate time It's not always good at this time of year unless he's really horny and he's banging me
While I was thinking about it I was in front of my house and I pressed the remote control of the gate and the garage and I set up After closing behind me the automatic door and garage door of the house surrounded by the stone wall I suddenly felt relieved in the silence that fell upon me and began to carry the bags filled in the kitchen I turned twice packed it in the fridge and went to the bedroom so I could finally take off my once-soaked clothes and get in the shower I threw everything off myself and before I went to the bathroom in the bedroom I took a look at myself in the big mirror in front of the bed My figure was still good because I haven't had a baby yet and my boobs are nice and tight and my ass isn't big At my height of 170 62 kilos seemed realistic In the shower I figured out what I'm going to eat and how I'm going to spend the evening in peace
A simple spaghetti seemed like a good choice especially if I open it up with a nice red wine and then have dinner in front of the tv I didn't put anything on except my robe and after I made the pasta and poured the red wine I threw myself into the living room in the comfy big chair and turned on the tv and then I started eating I had a good time I liked the French table wine it was pleasantly in my head and now it worked a little sooner because I was tired


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