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Since my parents on and off worked in Germany at the same time I spent a lot of time at grandma's in the country It was a bit like the spiny which I had a hard time reading after my mom threatened to take my phone The river where I used to go for a bath had a small passage covered with thick reeds but in a small place it was possible to go to the shore Because I was alone that day I swam all the way down and that's when I saw this Reed
At first I didn't notice the thin part because it was so well covered by the other reeds but when I saw it I thought I'd swim in and lay down on the beach I was almost at the beach when I noticed that there was someone lying in the grass outside I swam closer because I thought it was one of my friends I could scare Slowly barely audible I stood up in the water and went towards it Then I saw an unexpected sight Instead of a child I saw a woman naked as a mother and suddenly my heart started beating wildly and something that I had never known shook my stomach and I felt a little dizzy but it was all very pleasant
With my feet rooted in the ground I looked at the body lying on the belly the long red hair and the full ass that nothing could hide from me My eyes turned from the fat thighs to the back and then on the side to the big breasts that were almost spread out under her I've wheezed before and I was a little afraid that she'd see me staring at her but I just couldn't leave her just looking at her more and more yearning My bathing suit was starting to bulge I've never seen my dick look this big and it's throbbing I reached out with one hand and I grabbed it The way I touched it it felt good and it gave me chills I instinctively started stroking her while I was staring at the woman who still hadn't noticed me Suddenly I had sighs and my heart was pounding I was almost gone when she suddenly turned around and saw me
- You what are you doing here you insolent kid?
I couldn't answer and I couldn't run
- How long have you been staring at me?
I was still listening and she got a little mad
- Answer me right now or I'll slap you
- I did I did  I stammered because I couldn't say another word yet
- You? You? Talk to me Are you deaf? Peeping but not talking
- Yeah and I saw it by accident I didn't know there was a clearing
- You don't?
- No you're not And I wanted to leave but I just couldn't
- Why not? Did you forget to walk? - he asked and went back to bed on the grass but he kept the towel on
"You look so beautiful" I sighed He seems to have moved on because he offered me a seat
"Come sit with me" he pointed to the grass 'I'm going to keep sunbathing' he remarked and suddenly took off the towel I was pale with the sight and I didn't know where to look She immediately noticed that her breasts were huge and that she had fur between her legs I've never seen anything like it and it was bright red just like her hair
- What is it? - he asked me straight to my face
I had a spit in my mouth so at first I swallowed it very hard and then caught my eye and I answered barely audible
- Nothing
 Is this the first time you've seen a naked woman?
- Well actually yes - I continued to swallow the grass but I wanted to look at her again her body her curves
- Anyway it's not fair - he cried out suddenly
- What?
 Well that's how you see me and I don't see you at all
- I don't get it
- I'm naked and you're dressed
- I'm just wearing my bathing suit
- That's just it You should take it off
- Off? "I asked astonished but at the same time at the thought of showing myself naked in front of this woman there was warmth in my body
- Well? What's it gonna be? "she asked in a somewhat impatient tone"
With one determined move I lifted my butt from the ground and pulled off my bathing suit and I saw my penis which again grew large and propped up I grabbed my genitals pressed them against my stomach and I quickly turned around
- You got a nice ass kid "remember that when I turned red" - Aren't you afraid of getting sunburned? Do you want me to put oil on you? "he observed then sat up took out his sunscreen poured it into his hands and put it on my back without a word" He rubbed it really goodI liked the touch And then he took the tube and he dripped it on my buttocks and then he smeared it there and he was massaging my ass more and more Then it was my leg While he was oiling my inner thigh sometimes his hand would glide so far up my thigh that he would touch my scrotum that my body flinched He pretended like nothing happened kept oiling me


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