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I couldn't find the damn contract Looks like I wiped it off the hard drive along with some junk Friday afternoon Monday I need the hard copy I'm not gonna write 20 pages by heart again Bela has it but they went on a rain check this morning Twenty-year anniversary But there's nothing else to see if he knows anything
- Hi I'm Stephensorry to Bother You
- Come on if I'm on
- Listen I can't find the contract
- Krista's at home this weekend go upstairs grinning at the documents-current library
Wow I'm saved Krista Béla's daughter goes to university in pestshe's rarely home By the way I've known her for ten years and she's become a beautiful woman but I can still see the little girl in her
I hope he's home Bell
 Hey Krista I was talking to DadI need a file on his computer
- Come in you know where to find it
Sweatpants T-shirts Her nipples will pick out the thin substance my eyes will always wander Blonde hair with rubber on it No socks Vietnamese slippers
Let's go to the study turn on the computer stick in Meanwhile Krista's graduating
- What's the matter with you?
- It's nothingschool's hard I have another exam in two weeks I passed the analysis yesterday - He's being modesthe got an A-Plus last semester - What about you?
- Thanks we're good It's a lot of work but I guess you can see it on your dad
- Ági?  I got divorced a year and a half agoit wasn't easy but I'm getting over it
- I don't knowshe went out with her boyfriend on the transdanubian I haven't heard from him since
She's sitting right next to me I can't look at her chest I'm afraid my eyes will stick I notice something moving he swings his slippers on his crossed legs Graceful thin feet with long toes I can barely take my eyes off it What about me I've known him for ten years I've seen enough
- Do you have a girlfriend? - There you go that's my problem
- No I don't really want to look at women for a while
- A year and a half
 But before that seven two of them are totally negative
- It's your call - pull the focus
In the meantime the machine has finished copying
- I'm sorry I need to use the bathroom
- You're leaving?
 I didn't want to bother youI guess you have plans tonight
- Sure but it's only three hours
Flash drive's moving downstairs bathroom As I go to the toilet bowl I see that Krista just dropped her laundry and at the top there's a red pair of lace panties It's turned out you can see it's used in the middle I don't know what happened to me and when I finished peeing I lifted it up and lifted it up to my nose to smell it I really need a girlfriend Then click I'm looking back another one Krista's at the door holding the phone taking a picture of me with her And I'm standing there with my pants open her panties in my hand raised in front of my face
- What's going on?
- Krista I'm not
- I'll send the photo to dad - Bela's pretty jealous of her daughter she knows she's " grown up""
- No I can explain
 There's nothing to explainit's pretty obvious But if you do what I say then maybe - give me a break I can't imagine what she wants but I don't have a lot of options
- What do I have to do?
- Go up to my room and take off your shirt - What do you want?
- I'm sorry?
- You heard me I'll be right there
I walk up to her room in shock a thousand thoughts walk through me as I climb the stairs His room was a foreign territory to me and I knew as much of him as I could see through the open door When I walk in I don't see a typical girl's room I see a Puritan student's room Under the skylight in the middle is a near-French bed not completely double but wider than average Crosswind headrest similar only lower leg side by Wall desk on top of laptop other side cabinets I take off my shirt I can't do anything else I have no idea what Krista wants I'm thinking about what else I should say how to explain it
Then Krista walks through the door holding a few rings of rope I'm shocked
- Krista me
- I know but I don't care Turn around and put your hands behind your back
- Don't be silly you can't do that
- Should I send you the photo?
I turn around obediently and like a good little boy I put my hands behind my back He rolls it over several times ties the rope on my hand I can't even count the knots The rope isn't tight but it doesn't allow much movement When he's done he'll stand in front of me and rub his hand all over my pants I try to back off but he pulls me in with his other hand and he keeps stroking me Despite the crazy situation (or perhaps that) my tail rises quickly and then after Krista pulls down my pants and my underwear it stands proudly up in the sky I'm standing here with a red face in front of this teenage girl who looks at the results of her work with thought Then with a thinnest rope as if it were the most natural thing in the world he ties my dick around the bottom of a bag()


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