Sister Brother Secret cream pie and facial

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When I got to the escalator summit I saw Schwartz's head Moments later the others Yeah I'm fine I'm the last one again (As usual screw it It's almost 9: 00)
The gang was all set up by the time I got to the meeting point I waltzed in and out of the circle for the girls high-fives for the striker
- so the late risers made it huh? - grumpy Goose
- mm-hmm older people can stop sooner - I'll tip them off
- What's it gonna be? Roundabout? - Schwartz-a-brain Florida Zsuzika? - put it in Zhu's ear
These big Friday afternoon problems here Where the gang hits I've been banned from a few places some of which we're tired of We're not going to horseradish right now because I don't Besides her mom scares the crap out of us (Aunt Trisa is a mixture of Sergeant jutasi and a hyena though he can edit a tremendous amount of potted potatoes if he's got one)
There'll be a roundabout at the back By popular demand We jump up to three stops of yellow and with little attention we use the chargeable vehicle free of charge - as Pami likes to say with a snarl
We've been hanging out for years The hard core of course is the five forward Charlie Schwartz horseradish earbud and my poverty Okay chili and Pam they're a seed a girlie seed It's either a trailer or a girl And then there's the others of course They always crash and fall out By my count we must be 11 now
Wait a minute how is that possible? Cha-Cha-Cha Sch-and the thing Horseradish it's the chili horseradish couple that's ten Yeah there's that guy with the tent head
- Who are you? - to poke my hand with uncovered friendship
- Hi I don't know what you're talking about
Don't I bother asking who you are? it's not that important I'm gonna have a tent head ' cause he's got a great haircut
- I'm pulling the fat ' cause I hate that mean-ass fat - I'm Wednesday for my friends copper for you
"We agreed" they said
- Did they? What's the rumor? - I'm curious
- Well - drag sátorfej (such as the three me - you're self-righteous
- Yeah self-law - savouring the word-is so strange dickhead What?
- You said it - put a shrug on it
The edge of my mouth is smirking Not really just a little bit
- all right Kama that's right I'll give you that I'M THE BAD GUY IN THE VILLAGE
- The forward controls are unique
- and mommy Pami Is Your Mother - On My Shoulder Pam
- That's what you are to me-my palm fluttering on your broad buttocks-my good mother
Pam's hot It's not good by the way We had sex a few times mostly when you were out of the picture Or when we were bored Or when the move just came along He's not a vicar and his tits aren't much but it's nice to relax with him once in a while and not be accompanied by an emotional storm
In the meantime we move into the roundabout We've cleared the well It's got almost a whole gratis cocktail in it We have a medium-sized circle for ourselves I'll wait for them to put you down and I'll sit on the edge Because I'm an outsider I'd rather have half my ass off the hook but you owe me both ways Tent head's beside me I'm happy now He's in his pocket taking out a pack of smokes
- you want some?
- They'll fuck you up if you light it here I don't smoke by the way
- yeah It's OK
He's having a bad time putting it away I don't care I'd rather have a peek at the menu tonight: no Yes No I had it we saw it odds good Yes Oh no I really don't well I don't know yet
I don't even want to admit it to myself but I don't feel that delicious thrill ahead of the Boy Scouts Recently It's not that I have no idea what her name is when I fall through her bed and go to the bathroom the problem is it's still there What the hell is he still doing there? I don't know Gézaba (some uncle or whatever the hell it is) once explained something about the "frigid" guys who don't enjoy fucking they only do it because it makes them feel like Stallions I shut the fuck up Well I mean if I was frigid you wouldn't stand up? Isn't that right? It really put me in the mood
- Look they're bringing something here or you're not? - satormati's trying to get through to me
- You bring them they bring them WE HAVE A CANDIDATE FOR DRINKS - I went in the middle to please the beautiful child
- Good BRING IT ON CILA - it's full of chili -me and Pam and Schwartz gin and tonic - and say say Satyimati can go get supplies That's the doga Love me all you want
Now that little black one in that eight-pack I think that's good Enough with the Prancing I've made up my mind He's on the field Travolta with the two chicks and the armpit act I've got work to do over there I like this laser flash light you can only see what's white but at least it's blue heh


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