Casting Tia 18 years old

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I'm so nervous my heart's in my throat Oh finally I can see my Mistress Live We chatted a lot exchanged a lot of emails but we haven't been able to make it live yet But now he's home waiting for me alone in his apartment and I'm afraid to walk towards the address he gave me But I can't wait for you to do all the things we've talked about in person I'll ring the doorbell
- Oh yeah?
- It's me-I said with a dry mouth
The door opens almost immediately III / 2 There's no elevator I'm going to ramble The door's open a crack I walk in close the safety chain behind me There is no escape I was supposed to come in look for her and if I like her I won't say anything I'll just kiss her hand If she likes me she'll caress my head and say:
- You're a good servant
I walk into the room and she's sitting on the chair like a queen Oh This woman is more beautiful than I ever dreamed And you know what I expect of him he's wearing long varnish boots and then he goes down to his knees no stockings but Brown beautiful skin Short almost mini black skirt tight top no bra but her nipples are looking hard Her long hair unfolded flattens on her shoulder frames her beautiful face Oh her face it's beautiful she made it blue a little cold but it's still beautiful I hardly hide my joy and my dick moves down there But next thing I know I can't stare at a lady like that Of course he's checking me out and the exciting part is none of us are talking I'm gonna lay my head down and then I'm gonna walk over there slowly and I'm gonna get down on my knees to his carefree hands and I'm gonna kiss him hot Nothing will happen for a long time am I scared that you don't like me? All I can hear is a long breath like he's trying to make something of himself and I can feel a careful hand slowly touching my head Ooh
And Hear My Lady's voice at last:
- You're a good servant
The sound of that sentence gives me relief He likes me too Oh what's next? :) We agreed in advance that from this afternoon until tomorrow morning I am entirely his It's bold but we've talked so much we know everything about each other I trust him All right I guess I'll do it myself and I'm looking forward to it The caress stops and he pushes me to the ground with a strong motion and then I hear him standing up
- Well servant for one night you have joined me You'll never forget this night I'll make you work hard but if you do well you won't lose your reward But if you don't I don't care about your whining Do you understand???
"Yes my lady" I said softly
- I can't hear you dog
- Yes My Lady
- It's all right
I'm still kneeling on my face when he steps in front of my face all I see is his boots Nice and shiny
 You think my boots are clean enough?
- Yes My Lady
- Wrong answer
Something pops on my pants they get a little snippy There will be another strike immediately
- Don't hiss So are my boots clean enough?
- Not Mistress
- Clean it
I start kissing and licking boots that are actually clean and suddenly I feel the heel of the other boot on the back of my neck It's sharp He must have held on to something He's pushing me harder and harder
- Lick me dog
It feels weird to lick like this but as far as I can tell I'm following orders He'll take his foot off the back of my head:
- And the other one
I'll lick it long I don't know how long it'll be before it speaks:
- That's enough Get upget up
I'm gonna jump up and put my head down I can feel it staring at me
- Take off your clothes Totally And quick
As soon as I can I'm gonna throw up all my clothes on the floor but I'm making a mistake I left my underwear on from some weird pubic sensation His voice sounds instantly:
- I said totally I will punish you for this
- Mm-hmm I look good I decided to serve him well enough to be a reward and he punished me almost immediately It's okay it's just not gonna be that bad
- Grab your ankle You deserve five punches with the stick - Mm-hmm I can handle that I guess
- Count it
And the way you say it the first one on my ass szz but I'll take it without sound
- One
- Two
- Three
- Four
- Five
Uh-huh it's all over
- Thank you for the punishment servant
- Thank you for the Fair Punishment My Lady
- All right Now take off your pants
Now I'm not hesitating I'm gonna put my hand down and put it in front of my dick
- Take it away
Yeah I should have thought of that Luckily I'll grab my hand right away and put it behind me It's quiet I hope he likes it :)
- Hmm not bad start beating him
???That's interesting but I can't resist I'm about to start pulling the skin on my dick It's OK it's getting hard
- That's enough


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