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On a beautiful summer day we traveled to the south coast of Lake balaton with a high school class I knew half of I went on vacation as a single person I was already on the train getting to know the set which my friend gave me the answer to who might have a chance and who definitely doesn't because he has a partner As we went along the drinking was going on in the cabins so everyone was getting braver and braver which led to the stupidity of the company and which girls we boys like the most ( of course this is Just Between Us )
I personally liked a 17-year - old girl on the way over there who was really nothing fancy and quite big for her age but she was very positive about her vibe and to tell you the truth I never really wanted the "perfect" babes In the course of several hours I felt more and more that I wanted to have at least one good evening with this girl at the camp because I was going to go to the whole camp to get over my previous break-up and I was going to have a go at someone
We arrived at the scene where we received instructions from the teachers that the boys would sleep in separate four-bed little cabins and the girls would sleep in a larger building with multiple rooms So with three of my fellow boys one of whom was my friend we took over our house and drank the Welcome drink which I wanted to ask about my girl but she immediately laughed and told me to forget her friend for almost a year and even though she was speaking on the train she considered her to be of a modest modest nature When I heard there was a connection I was a little upset because I never liked getting involved in relationships The hours passed the days on which we shared baths excursions evening parties with a group of about 30 people which was quite well-adjusted Then three on the night of our day something happened that I was very surprised myself
I was talking more and more and more about exciting topics both in twos and social groups with the girl I was looking for who by the way was Kitty Everyone was already eating their dinner at the restaurant when Kitty and I found ourselves alone at the sunset on the beach The schoolteachers told us that the food was on the table but we didn't care We were very involved in her relationship how my relationship went wrong And then the girl she told me that everything would be fine with the boy but she didn't want to rush the sex so after nearly a year of being together with the boy that hasn't happened yet Then I looked hard and asked him:
- What are you serious? Your date doesn't want to sleep with you?
She was sad to tell me how long she had been with a boy and how much she missed him and I took the page and commended her huge breasts as they were falling out of her bathing suit and her charming face which was almost always charming She didn't think you were pretty because of your fullness even though I tried to convince her not to worry about her body because her aura and personality are worth more than anything The fact is if I hadn't met her it never would have occurred to me that I would feel compelled to do anything because she was really chubby but she did fit and she did have huge breasts It's been a while since we've talked and I could see that he was up to something but he didn't exactly get up the courage to do it I asked him if he wanted to go out to dinner with the others or stay And he said it would be so nice if we kissed here at the warm summer evening sunset I felt a little bad that if something started happening here we'd still have exactly seven days to develop it and I don't want to ruin his relationship But I couldn't resist the temptation so it happened and then the others came back from dinner like nothing had happened When we would have gone to bed several of my camp mates girls and boys came up to me and laughed and asked me if I really wanted something from this fat Kitty ? And I said " Mind your own business"
He came in last night we were drinking in our room and there was my special friend and his girlfriend and my friend who was getting more and more horizontal from the schnapps My other two boys ' roommates were somewhere in the sports bar My roommate here is passed out and Kitty sent her friend up to their quarters saying she would stay with me for a little while until the teachers come to the usual "raid" everyone is in place and so it was just the two of us the three of us with the drunken friend  Kitty turned off the light and said she would like to come in and put me to sleep by stroking me because she said she was very good at that()


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