My Slutty Bribe for stepDaddy

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The next story is a fantasy in fact I was trying to visualize a fantasy a desire in the form of an erotic story that has been on my mind for a very long time I tried to find friends and partners on different dating sites for the following but so far I have not been successful
Here's the story you imagined
next page appeared the inscription at the bottom of the page on the 12th I've kept it on the page but no ad has ever seemed really attractive In fact I found very few that at least looked like what I was looking for Most of them were looking for a couple or a lady no one wanted a solo guy In fact I knew from the beginning that it wouldn't be easy for me to find a couple who were looking for something at least like it or the same as me I went through some ads and then I left the dating site with the conviction that I didn't have a chance to find the right person for me
"I'm a 33-year-old man I seek the acquaintance of a married couple over the age of 45 where the Lord is mild-mannered and would accept me as an intimate friend Mutual sympathy grooming and education is required I'm only interested in a long-term discreet relationship"
I've been re-reading my profile with the idea that maybe there's something that needs to be changed My ad has been out for more than six months and only two answers have come up worth considering The problem with one was that they seemed very young and I wasn't looking for that and the other couple lived very far away from me and the other two were married separately So I gave up getting to know them About the other three or four letters I received I thought I didn't want to meet people that didn't seem appropriate and discreet enough for some reason And for me discretion was of the utmost importance
I live in a small town in Transylvania and I wouldn't have missed it if people I knew friends maybe my family knew what I was looking for a partner for The most sympathetic letter I ever got was from a bisexual man in his 50s He seemed educated and discreet but I was looking for a mate I didn't feel like getting into bed with a guyI needed a woman's touch In fact this three-way with bi guy was a fantasy I wanted to try out but I wasn't entirely sure if I was gonna go really go and feel what I wanted to feel or what I imagined So I had my doubts
"You have received one new letter" I saw the inscription above my profile I opened my mail and before I could read the text I looked at the form of the author of the letter
"50's looking for some younger friends I'm serious"
They didn't say much about what they were looking for who they were looking for or what they were looking for a partner for but their profile seemed interesting especially since according to their personnel records they lived less than 30 miles away from me We don't live in the same city so we probably don't know each other and they belong to the age group I'm looking for so it's interesting After that I read the letter they sent me I didn't learn much more from the letter just that they'd like to get to know me for now virtually I liked the fact that they didn't want a photo or didn't want to see each other the next day It made me feel like they were interested in my personality in the first place
The more than a month of correspondence which was 3-4 weeks meant letters as well as several hours of chat on a chat site convinced me that at least mentally literacy cultural aspects they were the right couple I found out that the lady Eniko is 48 years old and works as a medical assistant in a hospital that her husband Peter is 51 years old and runs a small private enterprise They say they've never tried "three" but they've been fantasizing about a three-way relationship for quite some time and although Peter has never had bisexual experience before they would try it with a reasonably discreet sympathetic and well-groomed younger man In short they seemed very open and friendly and what I thought was important well-educated
I had to wait a few seconds for the image to appear and then I saw a blurry blurred image that was slowly starting to take shape A keyboard and a hand appeared as he pressed the buttons I've been trying to get my webcam in a position where I can see my face We agreed it would be nice to get to know each other in person but Eniko and Peter asked us to get to know each other on camera first I had no objection to this I thought it best to avoid the aftermath unpleasantness in case we were not sympathetic to each other although all three of us shared the view that physical appearance was secondary


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