PunishTeens – Home Alone Teen Gets Brutally Fucked By Burglar

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- What's the kid's name?  she asked me in Lorena Timi's room sitting on the carpet
'Tomi' replied Vivi
- When's he picking us up? - said Timi
"He should be here in 10 to 15 minutes" said Vivi looking at his phone
- Is he one of your friends you're hooking up with? - Timi asked
- No I'm not He's just a dude but he's crazy about me and he wants to drive around
- Oh I see Then you take advantage
- No I'm not I told him a long time ago that we could just be friends that's all And he said to accept but despite this sometimes you just hit continue and offering to take me to a party or with you together Then why not? I'm just taking a chance
A few minutes later Vivi's phone rang Tom called and said he was waiting for them in front of the House They reached the silver car in which Lorena was in the back of Timi The two girlfriends introduced themselves to the unknown boy Tom was a brown-haired black-eyed boy wearing glasses with black frames Lorena found him intelligent at first and too good-looking so she didn't show any excessive interest in him
Sitting in one of the clubs in Budapest after the three girls ' third red-wine Cola and Tommy's triple soda the inhibitions of the women were quite lifted As Vivi was often called on the phone by his various male acquaintances the girlfriends began to talk about who and where they slept with the most self-conscious proud and natural They laughed and told each other their erotic stories among which there were things that all three of them had heard and things they had never heard We talked about three of Timi's friends who he used to meet and have sex with all the time but Lorena wasn't shy about alcohol and because of her experienced sexual experiences she mentioned her vacation her public fingerings and other crazy adventures He was glad to be able to speak freely about it and not be embarrassed in front of his experienced girlfriends Tom's presence did not disturb him even though he was very surprised and laughed at what he had heard When Vivi's phone rang and when the girl was talking about her sex life Lorena stealing from the corner of her eye glanced at the boy who was clearly overwhelmed with jealousy
The three girlfriends were only planning to have drinks but after the fifth red-wine Cola Vivi and Timi were desperate to have a party so they decided to go to one of the nightclubs Lorena and Tommy didn't care so after a short selection the four-person group agreed at the Moulin Rouge
As he entered the club Tom went straight for the bathroom and the girls went to the drink-bar where they ordered their next red-wine Cola which went to their heads even more Lorena and Vivi were leaning against the bar talking and then when they turned sideways they noticed a guy stepping in front of Timi sitting on the barstool next to them They introduced themselves and the other two girls continued their conversation and drinking undisturbed Lorena later glanced carefully at Timi who smiled incessantly while the boy was screwing her After a few minutes he saw them get up and then not too far from them they started dancing
Vivi figured he'd like a smoke Lorena was on her way to the bathroom after she agreed to meet her outside when she was done On the way out of the toilet he aimed at the wardrobe but as he walked he looked towards Timie He was surprised to learn that his blonde girlfriend was making out with the guy she met minutes ago
He soon found Vivi who without a coat was smoking in the cold talking to a boy taller than him He slowly walked up to them and the other girl handed him a thread Lorena moved back to the wall so they wouldn't be disturbed He remembered how lucky everyone was that Tomi wasn't around When he put out the cigarette butt he waited for a while and then headed back to the dance floor On his way to the drink-bar he looked for the Timis He turned at the bar and soon spotted his girlfriend with a recently-met boy on her way to the exit holding a car key
Lorena ordered herself another glass of red wine and Coke While he was sitting on the chair drinking by himself two men tried to make a pass at him One of them wasn't his type and the other one turned out to be taken pretty quickly so after the last applicant he got up and left the guy and the bar Intoxicated with alcohol with a smile on his face he moved forward in the crowd When he reached the center of the dance floor he stopped and picked up the rhythm of the music I mean a lot of people were hitting on her as she moved her body to the beat but she drove all the guys away After a few minutes he slowly moved on smiling more and more While she was looking for a new more spacious part she was eyeing some boys He looked at five of them and he finally found one he really liked()


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