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It's late at night there's darkness everywhere A couple of lights are still on like a sentry sign that people live here I'm walking down the street by myself which means I don't totally believe I have Ben with me my dog I was working late again so it was only too late for me to do our usual evening séance with him It's like I'm ruling the world At times like this I can get lost in my thoughts I can get away from reality I can get away from my problems Birds don't chirp bugs don't swarm it's just me and my best friend This idyllic calm was broken by the stranger who later changed so much of my life You could say he was completely disturbed by the standing water that I had until this moment called my life Looking back on how bleak and boring it was
This stranger was a lady who for who knows what reason chose this late-night hour to bring her dog down for a walk in the evening Who knows maybe he was in his mind too wondering how beautiful and calm this little town is at night We met across the street His dog immediately felt sympathy for My Little Ben He was jumping around and calling her to play He went down to the ground but his butt stood on the ground and he begged my old friend to chase him around a little bit But my old fox was just cool with this little kid jumping around When he yawned while he was asleep I couldn't stand it any longer and I smiled And then I looked at this mysterious stranger and our eyes crossed and I felt like I'd known him for a thousand years We stood at length immersed in each other's eyes none of us dared to interrupt this intimate moment which we had seen almost at midnight on a late dog walk which we thought was ordinary
I don't know how long it's been but I finally got away from those mesmerizing eyes and I took the strength to speak to him
- Hi - hi It's Sarah Your dog is so cute
- Hi - hi Becky - Thank you sir I see your dog is getting a little old
I laughed here because that was an understatement to say the least to say the least for my old fighter since he was 17 he's been with me for years It was a small miracle that he was still alive let alone what I saw when I tried to find him in the dark with my eyes Ben was chasing this young puppy dog playing with it rolling around in the grass and it always seemed like they were best friends
- Wow - you don't see that every day By the way yes my darling is a little old she's 17 years old
It was very funny to see his reaction as his eyes circled that the dog who was about to circle the twenty-third circle around us and wasn't even breathing that much worth
- May i pet him? - he asked but he leaned down to pet Ben who only stopped for a quick breath in the game
- Sure go ahead He loves it when people touch the top of his head Do you mind if I die too? I love puppy dogs
Of course you learn fast and I didn't wait for an answer I've already crouched down to kill the little dog who's taken my friend's mind like that
- That's not even a question He loves all men and dogs so much
- What's your name? If I'm not indiscreet?
- His name is Lucky
- What makes this dog so lucky?
- I'm lucky to be his master
- Then shouldn't you be called Lucky?
The answer to that question was a giggle But what a giggle
 And to what do you owe the pleasure of walking him at such a late hour? - I asked because I was afraid he'd move fast and I might never see him again
- I'm working late so it's the only time I can get him down
- What do you do?
- I'm selling in a little ABC not far from here How about you?
- I'm a programmer


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