DadCrush – Watching Porn With My Pervy Stepdad

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The last few weeks haven't been easy There was something unsettling about him He couldn't listen to anything he was doing Must be the weather Or I should get more sleep he thought But the restlessness just didn't want to go away
Then on Friday he had some business to attend to He was supposed to talk to one of his co-workers about something but the co-worker didn't show up for work He got sick if that's true Come by my place sometime I've got some beer on ice he said That's nice They weren't exactly friends because they worked in different departments He had no objection to his identity but he was not in the mood to make friends Anyway I can still come over
When you rang the bell at the address you gave me you were still feeling sorry for yourself and the extra running around Then the door opened and he was very surprised to see a girl standing at the door with long black hair in the back with a simple ponytail blouse skirt as if she were going to go but barefoot as if she were at home He said he was confused and said he was looking for his co-worker and he didn't know if he was in the right place
She looked at him a little surprised then smiled at him and opened the door further out
- He's not here But come on in let's not talk about this in the stairwell
The apartment you saw at first sight was not a bachelor pad The smell and presence of the girl affected everything in him even the Hall They went into the living room she offered him a seat and he sat across from her on the couch
"It's all very strange" she began - I know your co-worker In fact I thought I knew him 'he added with a little sneer' because we lived together' But he doesn't live here anymore We broke up months ago I don't understand why he gave you this address
He just kept looking at her and bothering her if possible just kept growing On the one hand he was surprised by the action of his colleague but he began to feel some tension and uneasiness - quite different from that which had prevailed over him in the last few weeks
They started talking At first they knew each other They loved each other but after a while it turned out they couldn't really adapt to each other They're still friends they're over the breakup They talked on the phone this week And then he found out that she was studying in college and she was painting on her own time pretty serious He told her he used to draw but just for your amusement The girl drew him to the rooftop level where he set up a studio with big windows They looked at some pictures There were all kinds of smaller pictures on the scaffolding and against the wall mostly landscapes portraits And nudes They're usually men Not muscular male bodies but not skinny sick scarecrows There were mysterious faces painted in glowing colors and friendly faces depicted in mysterious shadows
She asked him to draw something if he wanted to First she said no then she brought it up herself By then of course they were on a first-name basis
- Actually I'd love to draw something I was stupid to say no before and I wanted to say no then I just don't know what you think  He listened to me for a second and then he went on " I want to draw you"
The girl didn't even show that she was surprised - I would love that  He thought briefly and said " Do you know the difference between my men's clothes?" Beyond what colors they're painted in
"I have a guess" he replied
- Go ahead
For a moment he considered what he was going to say and then he said:
 I think the vivid passionate images paint the man before making love and the peacemakers paint the man after making love
She looked at him for a minute and then she came up to him said nothing just kissed him softly on the lips
While the drawing was being drawn they had little to talk about The tension of silence was not unpleasant - on the contrary He felt that the face under his hands was his face the body in his pencil was his creation
When he was done he gave her the picture She looked at him for a long time and then he stood up and she walked up to him and he said:
- How long are you staying?
And he smiled at her and said:
- Forever is too big a word But I'd like to try
They slowly and calmly tasted each other's yet unknown taste: lips face neck Their hands discovered each other's touch with careful curiosity: hair face neck waist back Then the tongues lips and fingers began to search more and more for new areas She sighed and helped him with his hand so he could turn off his bra strap under the blouse They pulled the clothes off each other and there the studio is a bit paint-stained but clean soft carpet
The girl had tiny round breasts and they were flexible in the boy's hands The nipples were bracing and waiting to be cherished She was lying on her back caressing the boy's thighs pulling him towards her()


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