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Although the three of us enjoyed our first attempt my friend and I were not able to relax and enjoy the pleasures of the new situation So after three months we contacted the masseur boy again by E-mail after my partner did not want to meet a new boy and it is not so easy to find a suitable one so after a long consultation we finally managed to get our free time together This time the situation changed because we went to a boarding house unfortunately there was no other option We were both so excited before the meeting it was hard not to have sex at home
My partner had been preparing for a long and thorough time and knowing that he loved the boy with a striped shave he even tried to please him The minutes were very slow but finally it was time to get in the car and pick him up at the place we agreed to pick him up and go to the pension He was waiting for us on the side of the roadwe hadn't seen him for a long time but we knew him from afar He sat in the back and I could see in the mirror the gleam in his eyes caused by the excitement and I turned back and we greeted each other with a firm handshake My friend of course was embarrassed so he greeted me a little timidly but the boy leaned forward and kissed his neck which was a little loose We're on our way to the boarding house It was a bit awkward when I checked in at the front desk but for the sake of appearances we asked for separate rooms next to each other We were seated my companion and fi sat opposite each other at the table and I sat on the side of the bed next to him We opened a bottle of wine and started talking about who's been going on ever since We started talking more and more and as we ran out of wine the mood got better
And then just when it seemed like my girlfriend was feeling pretty relaxed the question came from the boy to give her a massage on this just like the other day My partner said yes without thinking and to my surprise he was no longer interested in stripping She stood by the bed she steered it to make herself comfortable and slowly looking at our reactions she began to undress She was only wearing a bra and a pair of panties when she stepped behind the boy kissed his shoulder and then began to take off her bra and instead of the slipping top part she held my partner in her hand not too big but more shapely breasts He turned around with a smile and lay down on the bed with a stomach That made me very tough He oiled his hands and then started massaging him Since my girlfriend likes to be pampered like this she gave her a long massage with a slight interruption because the wine came in for her:)
And then the massage started to go into the caress and my girlfriend's body gave me a little writhing that she liked it Because I had a feeling that someone else would be coming and I went to the bathroom soon By the time I got back my friend was still on her stomach but she was kissing her back and with ball's hand in her back she was grooming her fingers I sat down on the chair at the end of the bed which is by their heads and I watched my girlfriend react The second time it was strange to see him on the outside with someone else but the bitter taste of jealousy was no longer the same as the first Boy was already in boxers so I took off my clothes and started caressing my girlfriend's neck He could feel the pampering of the four hands on himself and it turned him on and he was gasping louder and louder He began to kiss his back lower and lower and then he began to bite the segments of his buttocks gently moving towards the inside of his thigh And then kissing her she started pulling her panties off and then I realized she was going to fuck her again and again and beyond
For a while he was so excited and turned over my friend who was lying there naked shaved into strips with a little red and sparkly labia from excitement A smile ran across the boy's face a smile of contentment and a small kiss passed towards the foot of my partner Again it was very strange but now it was more exciting to see her begin to pamper my partner with her tongue while I was caressing her breast from above My partner lying on his legs licked him long and persistently causing him to lose his head and excite his foot through his boxers which left a small stain on the lower sex I tried to enjoy the situation on the outside but at that time of course I was naked and dealing with my swollen tool And then I stood up and I fell down by the bed which my girlfriend was very happy about and she put me right in her mouth and she started sucking my dick like she'd never done before He sucked it very hard with pleasure and kept trying to get all the way down which I had to break from time to time to make sure I didn't leave early Then came the moment I was looking forward to He threw off his boxer shorts and there was a long and thick tool compared to mine which once again drew a smile of satisfaction from my girlfriend


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