Подростка с большой грудью трахнули в тугую попку и мокрую киску POV

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It was July day and I distinctly remember going out for a little sun in the garden but I didn't get a lot of rest because you came over from next door in an unusual bathing suit You said you wanted to talk to me because we rarely do this but what happened next had little to do with the speech
You told me to go out in the garden and sunbathe and talk to you like that but when I saw you holding that dirty suntan oil in your hand I knew what was gonna happen You'd lie on the bed and ask me straight away if I'd help you with your skin I told you I'd help you but all you did was put the bottle in my hand and lay your stomach on the sunbed When I sat next to you with a cool move you got rid of your bra I was a little embarrassed because we weren't like this before but you seemed very confident You quickly got rid of the bra saying it would only hinder me
I put a little bit in my hand but you were listening and you told me to put it on calmly and I didn't disagree I put a lot of oil in my hands I rubbed my hands over your back but it was so much that it was dripping down your back I felt you My hand slowly caressed your skin and sometimes I'd go down your side and stroke the edges of your breasts with the tip of my fingers When I saw that you didn't resist I felt more confident with my fingers and I almost felt your breasts when you Rose and you almost let my hands grab your breasts
You told me not to stop The unanticipated sentence excites me my dick starts throbbing hardening near your buttocks and my hands caressed your breasts as I slowly rolled over you Then you wanted to turn around so I woke up from you Now you're lying on your back in front of me legs up and spread out You were just wearing those tight little panties that took away the sight of your naked pussy I told you I guess it's your chest and you just laughed and I smiled I took the bottle in my hand and for lack of a better place pushed myself under your feet my cock a few inches from your pussy and I could tell in my underwear that I was stiff and it seemed not to bother you at all and sometimes even lower and lower because you felt a strong affection for me You had legs on my thighs and you clung to it when I bent over to cover your breasts with oil on my cock as it stared straight and sometimes it touched your pussy through your panties
We just swapped you wanted to rub oil on me I was lying on my back opposite you and you sat on me without hesitation with your pussy right on my steely dick holding the oil in your hand and you dripped a big chunk of it on my chest I waited for your hands to smooth over the oil gently but all I felt was you leaning forward your bare breasts touching my chest feeling my dick throbbing under the pressure of your pussy I enjoyed it I wanted to break out you didn't care you knew what you wanted you wanted me to leave I could feel your breasts pressed against my chest and sliding away from the oil it was so smooth And then you just rose up
You got up off me and reached for my last piece of clothing to take it off and I just looked you in the eye and I said " cover it up" You smiled and took off my pants with a light gesture and you took off your panties without hesitation I felt what was coming you reached for the bottle you turned her over you pointed her mouth at my boner and you dripped on it abundantly like it was an ice cream with chocolate sauce But you didn't use your hand this time you came over me to bed I could almost feel the heat that your pussy was going to give me My dick was throbbing and he wanted to feel you and I could see on you that you really wanted to feel me that you wanted to feel me
You slowly descended on me very slowly I thought you didn't want me to when I felt your delicate pussy pressed against my tail slowly embracing me feeling the pressure feeling your slippery pussy her lips slowly embracing my cock I really enjoyed this and I pulsed very hard and as I pulsed you moaned a little your clit your entrance you felt everything You didn't stop you slowly slipped back and forth over me and I felt your pussy pass over my Acorn reappear and then swallow your sweet pussy again I heard the little squeals the way you were moving your front door was always trying to eat my dick and then I always felt like I was going a little bit out and out of the tip of my dick I felt like I was squirting but the best part was just getting started
As you moved back and forth the entrance to your vagina often flowed over my Acorns I could feel it it would get stuck but it didn't bother you very much and you just kept bending your hips forward thinking I was going to come in()


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