Thick Teen Fucks Her Boyfriend’s Brother – Stella Raee

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I took the lead again this morning Interestingly Maria didn't sit next to meshe sat in the back with Becky I could see them in the mirror whispering and giggling like two teenagers It was surprising especially for Maria who didn't seem receptive to it yesterday I've noticed a couple of times that they've been looking at me for complicity and then they're looking at me I tried to keep them out of my mind Last night it really hurt my confidence I was secretly hoping to get some of Becky's but Maria took it for herself Not that I didn't enjoy the view I had and Maria actually played my oboe masterfully at the end but I was a little bit bothered by the special opportunity that came with Becky's appearance Of course the last two days have surpassed all the expectations I had at the beginning of hitchhiking
And then I saw in the rearview mirror that Maria and Becky started petting stroking each other's bodies wildly The blood started in my penis and I quickly got my eyes back on the road As much as I would have loved to have watched your games I didn't want to have to hit anything else's expensive luxury car "Keep your eyes on the road and your dick in your pants"- I added the road safety warning
The next time I looked back they were done They sat hands - on hands-on side-by-side like two full-fed preschoolers apparently exhausted but having a good time
 How about we stop at the next rest stop Nick?
 We've been on the road for a couple of hoursit felt good to stretch It was 20 miles to the next exit where I parked my car and I pulled my car out from behind the wheel I don't usually sit this much in one place
Becky passed by the bathroom Maria told me she was coming right after but first she came up to me pulled her fingers down my face and down my throat It was a new thing from him
- Did you like our little show? - purring in his hoarse voice
- Oh uh I tried not to listen I didn't want us rolling up the first tree
- Too bad Okay now it's your turn I'll drive You can do whatever you want to her just don't take her virginity You might need that when we get home - she flashed her teeth at me and followed Becky into the bathroom I didn't know what he was up to just like I couldn't figure out what would really satisfy him
I also visited the urinal and I wondered if it would take me forever to get to Maria
We got back in the car and as Maria promised this time she was driving and I sat back next to Becky As we got to the highway Becky pressed up against me and held out her lips to me I was in no condition to miss an opportunity like this I put my arm around her waist I grabbed her back and I taped my mouth to hers Her lips were open my tongue slipped through her mouth without a hitch I tasted it slowly and then I stroked around his tongue I don't know what Maria did to him but she sucked my mouth like a vampire when she could taste blood He took my hand and put it between his legs I slipped my hand under her skirt and caressed her labia She wasn't wearing panties today either I adjusted the chest of my middle finger to its dam and stroked it with circular motion moving up to its clitoris I made sure I didn't slip into her vagina by accident because my touch made her wet start and I tried to smear it on her vulva but it also got into her thigh Becky purring softly sucked my tongue deeper and deeper into her mouth as she lifted her hips as I coddled her pussy with my fingers The little lips stretched out and taking advantage of a moment's hesitation she slipped on my finger took it in and wrapped it around her with her hot lap He shook tore himself from my mouth closed his eyes put his head back and sighed
On the inside her pussy was exactly what I thought it would be: wet and tight and hot Very very hot I slowly caressed the femur with the inside of my hand while my finger was resting in it()


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