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That Saturday night that summer the grapes were sour Poncho said his wife was pregnant but I couldn't be happy It made me play a little off-key My wife left me a few weeks ago I made a ton of money back then but he had other problems than the average She was sick of me Anyway let's not dwell on the past I was pretty sad Turning back to that night beyond the false attachments there was something that seemed real I only saw it towards the end She was wearing a skirt and like she was lost she was sitting on the chair backwards Legs apart He was somewhere else Still it was like he was looking at me The girl in the pink pants
There were two pauses until the last song but I never took the opportunity to get to know each other My wound was too soon I might rape her in my first Rage if she says something irritating It's better to avoid temptation Then Poncho started poking me
- You that woman over there she's staring at you all the time Oh man you're on a roll You don't want to miss this
Maybe it was that fancy-talk that crowned the night I made out with him But all I wanted to do was punch him in the face I haven't been with a woman in weeks I'd drink I'd lay down all day I'd write something mean I was sick of the whole world The boys once tricked me into going to a prostitute when I was in a world of pain I went but I felt sorry for him at the last minute I gave him the dough and then I shut the door to the apartment Before that he told me why he was in the business I couldn't sleep for days The whole damn world is upside down
The past again True that was in the past but that story stuck with me even more One night I woke up and heard her voice Maybe I need it to get it out of my system I could hear him teasing Why would he do that? I had trouble following him
When we loaded the equipment into the van I went back to the room Two of them went in the van Poncho jumped out to take care of the dirty money and I went to get her Before that I took a lap at the bar He was still sitting there He didn't wake up he was just thinking about nothing
- You want a ride home? - I asked him but I turned around so I figured he'd tell me to fuck off or he'd shake his head
- Yeah but I don't live far
- It doesn't matter come on
He came like a dog after his owner Poncho was driving because I had two shots I can't explain it to you today but it was hard for me to just jump on top of it and then throw it out of the car and snap it out of my face
We just sat there and he said :
 Please just drop me off here I can walk from here
"He's crazy" I thought " he really thinks he can get away with a night without being molested"
- You live this close? Let's go for a drive You like this car? - I was pushing it
- I like it but I don't like cars
'It's enough to have a crush on the driver' said Poncho laughing and shoving me in the side
'I don't understand' said she ' and her voice sounded so sincere I thought I was going to shit myself' We got to the border and found a cart at a small forest edge
- This is where we turn baby-stupid Poncho theatrical
"Well there's no sign to turn off" he replied without thinking and I thought I heard wrong
 Well either this guy just gave in to fate or he just came in here to hook up with a guy and he's good at the bank To be honest I was beginning to feel uncomfortable We stopped in an abandoned area Poncho disappeared discreetly in the cornfield making mockery of half a turn before that
- Then get a move on I only got leave till 3: 00
I lowered the seat he climbed over next to me and waited for good luck
- You might wanna grab my neck or something - I said " but somehow I was ashamed of my raw tone"
"I don't know how to do it" he said whimpering as I began to button his blouse
- What the fuck? - you've never done this before?
- No no no no I've never been so ashamed I'm a virgin
I cut out the car door and yelled at my friend Poncho came back on the double
- What's up man? You said Thursday don't give up early I'm not in that much of a hurry
- Let's get out of here and you get out of the car you freak - I screamed because I lost my mind My dick was pulsating like it was sore
We tore him up and he stayed there turned into a pillar of salt and I don't think he even knew where he was
When we got up on the asphalt road I calmed down
- Drive back This bitch is gonna shit herself in the dark
He wasn't hystericalhe was just curled up on the moat His arm was ice-cold when I grabbed him and shoved him in the back seat I took off my jacket and threw it at him I liked playing in a jacket Jeans high-necked sweater and jacket It seemed kind of weird at first If it was hot I'd ignore the sweater


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