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It was a nice fall night Rya reached out and walked quietly out onto the balcony There was a soft breeze outside and the silver light of the moon lit the trees The girl was a little depressed to watch the leaves in their newly rented silver dresses dance in the wind He was waiting for someone
Rya wasn't a normal girl like people her age His long black hair and deep blue eyes made him irresistible and besides it was no small factor that he moved with such dexterity and Grace as a panther in the mysterious jungle He was only 20 years old but he had a lot to deal with It's not often a day goes by that he doesn't have to fight anyone to survive Rya was the last descendant of the shapeshifters so many wanted her dead but fortunately for her she didn't have to fight alone for long against the various creatures who tried to kill her
Watching the soft waltz of the leaves she remembered the night she met the man she loved more than anything in this world
There was a cool breeze in the park Rya was walking home and suddenly someone jumped in front of her and stopped her She took a few steps back followed by two others Rya looked around prepared looking for an escape route Then slowly out of the smoke that covered the shadows his enemies appeared You knew them well This isn't the first time you've met them The three Demons took human form and began to move towards him
- Hi Rya "it's good to see you again" said Saijin
- Not so much "she observed it half-loud"
- But please aren't you happy to see us? - taunted by Taketo
- If I say no will you walk away sulking?
- Don't get your hopes up - said Echirin with a cunning smile on his face
- I kind of figured "said Rya with a sharp sarcasm"
- I think it's time for some Panther Training "he laughed loudly and in his hand came a mighty spike" Saijin and Ejirin were not idle and then all three moved towards Rya The girl changed shape and now as a panther she faced her assailants with delicate senses The whips of the three demons however could not always be avoided and he felt more and more tired He jumped away from a blow to his head He wanted to turn but the three Demons didn't give him a chance Then he noticed something strange Someone's coming towards them He could smell it but that smell wasn't human The Panther is desperate If it's another demon it's over A figure appeared a little further behind the Demons He wore a long black cloak and on his side was a fancy katana
- Greetings "said he to the three men" I see you're trying very hard to track down that beast has he escaped from the zoo?" - he acted innocent
'Yes sir we're trying to tame him now so we can take him back' continued Taketo
- Can I help you? I used to work in a circusI know about beasts like you
- Go ahead "Taketo smiled hoping that the man would distract the Panther so that he could sneak up on her and catch her" The man took off his cloak and walked slowly towards the Panther as he continued to speak to the animal
"Fear not" said the man with great confidence stepping back a few steps and Rya began to growl in a threatening manner "I promise you" he winked at the girl "nothing to be afraid of" he put his hand to the Panther kneeling before him and whispered softly"  Rya continued to growl that the cunning little ruse the man had planned should not by any chance fail Then with a tug the stranger drew out the wakizashi who stood beside his katana and threw it towards Ejirin in a loose motion The demon groaned in pain The man was not idle he drew his sword and went towards Saijin who watched the situation in just a few seconds He reached for Taketo's whip but late Rya began to growl at the demon and wound him
Saijin fought the alien life and death with little success One perfect cut followed another and soon the demon fell dead and there was nothing left but a smoking pile of dust Ejirin cried out pulled the wakizashi out of you and attacked the man However his carelessness and irresponsibility avenged himself The stranger changed his position with incredible speed and his katana plunged into the belly of the demon Ejirin fell lifeless to the ground and a few seconds later there was nothing left of her more than a pile of smoking dust Somehow Taketo got out of the Panther's clutches and ran and was lost in the darkness of the park The Panther strolled over the man and took his original form The stranger was surprised by her cool beauty and could hardly speak Rya had a sharp pain in her shoulder and she grabbed the wound()


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