Megan Rain Likes it Rough

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The other day we decided to go to Slovakia Since we live near Pest it doesn't mean much distance
The three of us have packed our things There's Robi who's a very good friend of mine and more Marci was driving who was a really good friend and I was the only girl
We had a great time but the problem was Marci forgot to drive and drank three pints of beer I didn't have any I D on me and Robi's driver's license was revoked So we had no choice but to spend the night in Slovakia because none of us wanted to go hiking
- Where are we staying? - Robby asked
 Look Robi I can't drive because of my sheepI'm so sorry We better stay here till dawn maybe they won't show us the beers and we'll take the long way around anyway I don't want any trouble and I don't want to cause an accident
 It won't kill us to spend a few hours in the car We're lucky to have food and soda and there's a blanket in the trunk but it's not that cold - I told you
- Can't we go to a motel? - Robby asked
- Peerszeee what if there's trouble on the way? I'm not taking any chances It's done We're staying - Marci nailed it
I agreed with him
All this happened around 2100 hours We were still having a good time talking listening to music but the boys started to fall asleep around 1: 30 Marci was comfortable in the passenger seat covered with a blanket tilted the seat a little back Me and Rob were squatting side by side sharing a blanket that was significantly bigger than Marci's but the size required us to move closer together which we didn't mind because we were still warming each other and we're not made of wood
According to the clock on the dashboard it was already 1:38 In the front seat Marci fell asleep quickly luckily he didn't snore
Robbie and I started talking in whispers
- There's so much to do here - he said softly leaning close to me
- Oh boy it's true this Corolla wasn't designed to roll around so comfortably
Robi smiled as a gift
- You know it's for traveling - I got it
To see each other better we opened our phones and put them on our knees I started looking for Robi's beautiful blue eyes in the twilight
"Those eyes"I thought to myself and sighed a great sigh I love watching them
Fortunately in the Twilight I was able to discover the eyes I was searching for Apparently Robi was looking at my face too I felt a touch of a hand on my thigh and then a barely visible smile appeared on Robi's face
Suddenly the light on my phone went out and moments later Robi's phone didn't want to light up any more
My hands are on the road too why should you do nothing?
Meanwhile Robi began to gently caress my feet sometimes touching the inner part of my thighs and sometimes caressing my knees He spent as much time everywhere as he had to On the inside I wanted to move on but I enjoyed the game I thought I'd put a rush on the game but my hands were touching Robi's most sensitive part of her body which was already very stiff
- You know I'm way beyond imagining - "Roby observed"
- You too? - I whispered in Robbie's ear
- Yeah Shall I tell you what I do to you in my imagination?
- Yeah - yeah
- My fingers are in you now like this - then he unbuttoned my jeans "stripped it off of me" and stroked my clitoris and rubbed it and after getting me more excited than ever he stuck me one finger and the other finger And he said " You're riding my fingers" - he paused indicating I should start riding I didn't need any more so I started I tried to pretend not to wake up Marci but I unbuttoned Robi's pants took out her manhood and stroked her
- Hahhh - I sighed


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