Step Sister Maya Bijou Fucked By Her Sleepwalking Brother

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The last time I felt love was 12 years old My beloved was over 30 blond hair huge man I saw her side by side of her beautiful honey-haired young wife in my father's Palazzo He once tied the strap of my high-footed shoes the touch of his burnt hand
Since then no man can get close to my heart I'm not afraid of anyone I don't feel jealous
They think I'm the finest painter in Venezuela For those of you who don't know me all you've seen are my pictures of the city of the sea and you think I'm a man and then when one of my new customers glanced at me it comes back from the surprise that a woman with a light-footed swinging hips and a fiery groin appears in her palazzo with a hundred brushes and canvas They don't dare tell me they feel that God loves me
I walked through the market today Light-eyed levantei merchants bowed to me called me in offered me tea You know for a nice painted Turkish plate an old copper jug made in Arabia I'll pay you a nice price They used to try to lure me into their beds with money candy sweet promises They all wanted to conceive a child in my womb I did not yield to them as I did to Noble elders and young men dressed in soft velvety gilded lace I smoothed over their faces laughed at them They tried to break me with evil decided not to order pictures from me but I was the best I always had a job in the city I never had to leave my beloved Venezia
I like fishmen young their skin smells like fresh-caught shrimp and clamma shrimp their bodies are slim footman and salty When I feel like a man I just drink to myself
I've been painting all day today and the sunset has found me at rest The storm passed the sea was quiet Behind my palace there was a large terrace leading all the way to the water a lonely fishing boat floating on the water I stood up put my blue dress up to my knees and dipped my foot in the sea In the ark the 25-year-old boy was picking his nets He greeted me with a big smile He used to know me He saw me working here every day painting the storm or the peaceful water I laughed back and I imagined bolgogly kissing every inch of him enjoying myself Soon he began rowing towards me unable to take his eyes off my white face He was already on the beach disoriented stopped waved come closer
I didn't want him to talk As soon as he got closer I touched his shoulder and turned him over I kissed his occipital soft just to taste if I could accept it and under his supple tight skin soft delicate muscles moved and my lips felt just as I had expected()


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