Reality Kings – Belle Knox Fresh Outta Duke University

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My story began more than ten years ago I was in my fourth year of college and I lived a very busy young life I tried to take care of my health but I got a little cold myself It happened that I did not cure myself and as a complication in addition to pneumonia I also collected an incipient pleurisy and as a consequence I ended up in the hospital There were four of us in the same room two women my age and an older woman of 50
My week at the hospital as strange as it sounds was a pleasant rest The doctors the nurses were very kind attentive people and my pain was eased quickly and during the forced sleep I was filled with a great deal of energy The girl in front of me was two years younger than me and she was in with her lungs but she had significantly more serious problems and had a tumor He went to a nearby college he was going to teach but the cancer that was tormenting his body seemed like a serious obstacle
Well this girl had a brother Let's call him Zoltan who came in every day to visit his little sister Zoli was five years older than his sister or three years older than me She looked crazy good Charming face always a sophisticated shaven bearded guy Brown-Eyed well-built athletic-elegant 6 ' 4 " guy I liked it the first time but I didn't have any hope Then during his visits he also spoke to me as his sister and I spent time together They didn't come to see me much my parents were very far away and my classmates if they did didn't stay long So Zoli became my on-call Visitor Turns out we go to mass together plus they have a brother who's in college with me What a small world
The days passed and I received my final report and I was sorry in advance that the visits would end I didn't know when I'd see him again I was hoping there'd even be a next time
For the record Zoli's sister died of lung cancer three years later They couldn't help him Life is unfair That girl was so pure so innocent so good-natured yet she suffered so much
So the one in particular showed up sooner than I'd hoped We met at Sunday services he walked me home and we set up a Tuesday movie The movie was a mediocre action comedy but that's not the point on the first date of course On the way home he took my hand and made a funny remark that he would never let her go again My heart was pounding and it jumped out of my throat
The following weekend we went on a trip We were incredibly in sync We didn't have the same opinion about everything but we always listened and accepted each other's views The purpose of the forest walk was the nearby lookout The mighty wind picked me up Zoli gently embraced me from behind whispered "my darling" in my ear and kissed me gently I turned around in his arms and we started a wild kiss fight We'd been eating each other's lips for a long time and now my heart wasn't trying to jump out of my throat it was a big lump in my stomach I was shaking To the cold wind or to happiness I don't know anymore but I wanted time to stop
A few months later Zoli introduced me to his parents his brothers were already known It felt really good to be welcomed by everyone with great enthusiasm Zoli had a separate apartment on the upper floor a separate bathroom a workroom a bedroom only the kitchen and living room were shared (A few years later after some remodeling we had our own kitchen only the staircase remained in common From then on especially on weekends I spent more and more time there We always did something fun exciting playful I liked it at first but as time went by I became more and more in love dead in love
My family welcomed my new friend though they saw him much less because of the distance
We were together for almost three months and one night Zoli said " I want to make love to you like crazy but I'm afraid I'm gonna hurt you"Come on Come on We knew that we both experienced things and we were disappointed a few times I leaned over him kissed him and whispered in his ear so he wouldn't be afraid to let go of his instincts I'm on the pill there's nothing to worry about
I didn't have to convince him anymore He turned me over lay on me and filled me with wild passionate kisses While my tongue was almost numb his hands were weakly massaging my breasts my nipples became stone He pushed up my top With his mouth he went on a journey of discovery First he kissed my ears then my neck and my cleavage and then he took it and sucked on my nipples I with my eyes closed and with more and more deep breaths enjoyed the gentle pampering As he went on his way down I took off his shirt and I took off mine()


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