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Now (2002/2003 I started my university years You know it's the usual time of year for a "kind of inauguration" around newbies Well that happened to us just a little different than we first-class expected
We went on a trip to the freshman camp in Hévíz and around but our accommodation was in Hévíz in a hotel not far from the famous lake After all the whole camp is August 28th to September 1st it was in between 4 guys dropped out of their first year so they came with us on this trip (our own reputation -- not the University - I will not name our university for your sake but I will tell you this:
to get to the point Our first daily destination was Keszthely (10km from Hévíz) We wandered in then arrived at the hotel around 1900 hours dropped the stuff after selecting the rooms (6 or 6 rooms) 8 shitty rooms were reserved for us) and who will be in the same room with whom I myself settled in an eight-shit room with seven first graders The 4 "Fallen" nestled in a 6-shit room next to two first-graders right next to our room We just dropped the bags we had to go to dinner It was a little extreme that we had dinner and it was some kind of sweet pea and corn side dish with like sour cream meat or something but almost no one ate anything of it Luckily everyone brought their own food so we could go back to our rooms and eat something to eat
After dinner we went for a shower The 8-shit room had 3 shower rooms and the 6-shit room had 2 shower baths We took a shower and then we sat around our room wearing boxers and we started talking about who's who (while we forgot to lock the door) Around 1: 30 or 2: 00 we decided to go to sleep We slept together As it became quiet on the thin wall of the four fallen and the two first rooms I heard a strange noise It was like a pillow fight but it wasn't After a while it got quiet I thought I'd look into it in the morning I found out sooner I fell asleep I woke up next to the lights on in our room and the four fallen men from the next room in their boxers the two first-graders standing in the middle of the room with their mouths bandaged
After everyone woke up the fourth graders told everyone to be quiet because they had the key to the room And then" generously offered " that if we didn't oppose what they're doing they'd take care of the fourth graders so we wouldn't get screwed in front of the entire university
freshman prom Everyone agreed even though we didn't know what we were doing
They said that their two roommates were blindfolded because the other side was the teacher's room next to their room so they wouldn't be tempted Then they took the bandages off their mouths Then they told us to get naked and stand next to each other on all fours two by two
In other words two first ones side by side Then they took off their boxers One of them left the room in boxers but quickly returned with a bag And then ois got undressed First of all in the bag (as it turned out in hindsight) Four 3DL lubricant creams were taken And then they told me that every couple gets a jar and they're obligated to put it all on their partner's ass Their roommates (2 first graders)
they've indicated what they should do One of the fallen replied that first one should get on their hands and knees and then the other one would kiss each other's ass until it was their turn "You're not serious?"--asked one of them
"Have you changed your mind and want to burn in front of the whole school?"--sounded the answer That's what they started with
It was then that my partner treated me and now it was my turn to rub him I put two fingers in the jar and I pulled a good dose out of it And then I pressed it to my partner's hole and then with a stronger move I reached into the hole And then the guy behind me kicked me in the ass so I could put another dose and stick my two fingers in as long as I could I had to After everyone covered each other up the fallen wore a condom and then stood behind a couple Finally their tails were released in one and the other One to the left one to the right We received the sausages in a loud noise Unfortunately (I think) I caught the thickest-tailed individual with my partner The first time he put his tool inside him I was forced to pry my stomach so much pain in the breach And then he got out of me and put his tool in my partner He repeated that three times and on the fourth entry he started fucking He grabbed me like a sack from both sides and he started moving back and forth inside me at an incredible pace "You dog you bitch" and I got the same name (but not just me) After about five minutes he yanked his dick out of me and back


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