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- Don't tell me I'm sure you have a story to tell
"Well I can't deny that I've been around" said Annette  But let's go out by the pool the sun's out I have to keep my colors I don't want to "fade out"
- Okay but let's get something to drink I'm totally dehydrated
- No wonder There's all sorts of stuff in the fridge pick something you like I'll have an iced tea with a little vodka of my own making she winked at me and with her robe pulled back she slipped out of the kitchen
The fridge was really full but I was so hungry for iced tea I didn't even look for it anymore I took out two glasses from the cupboard above the counter packed a lot of ice cubes in them and put our little first aid kit on a tray with the jug I looked out the sun was really beautiful
"Very well" said Anett behind me " I shall take possession of the pool" I didn't even hear him come back He changed: the thong of his much admired yellow bathing suit and a casual T-shirt was all he had on and threw on his shoulder a soft-looking towel  Why don't you get changed and I'll take the tray out and I'll open two sun loungers
He did not have to push me so much I ran upstairs and in the "guest room" I threw down a towel wrapped around my waist and put on my bathing suit I walked into the garden with a towel in my hand - Anett was turning the sun loungers Between the two beds stood a small rattan-table with a parasol The ice-cold drinks were waiting for us and the sight of Anett's bending form was impressive
- I opened the parasol but mostly just for drinks We don't have to freeze in the shadows
- Come on I think it's like 30 degrees in the shade But I'd rather be in the sun myself-until I'm fried The others? I didn't even see the car
- It's just you and me and Kinga took Niki up to a classmate's house in pest and on the way back they stopped by Nora's to pick up some stuff They're coming in the afternoon and Niki won't be back for a few days How long can you stay?
 I'm not doing anythingI was planning on staying down until next Sunday
- No argument you're on vacation with us Unless you don't mind
- Well What do you think?
'I think you're having a good time here' she said coquettish putting her hand on my chest and slowly sliding down to my bathing suit she gently grabbed my dick
- How can you say no to such an invitation? - and I put my hand on his waist I drew her closer to me tight and in a violent kiss our lips closed as if to seal the invitation
"You are fine but I can never tell" he whispered in my ear and from my arms he lay on one bed and I lay on the other
- I'm listening
- Well I have already mentioned that Kinga and I have similar taste in men " began Annette after getting comfortable  In fact my first significant sexual experience was also due to this and Kinga's
"I married my first great love when I was 22 The marriage wasn't bad but the family was right: we rushed it There was no trouble no big fights no drama It just didn't work out We spent a few years together but as time passed it became more and more clear to both of us that the initial magic had passed and our marriage was slowly dying out We parted well if a divorce can be nice But there was no child we didn't jump into any loans together"
"Well then it couldn't have been so bad" I took a sip of my drink
- No and if I may say so Zsolt and I are still friends But where was I? Oh yeah
"We parted and I began to live the life of lonely women again Kinga had been a widow for two years lost her husband in a car accident But he had Niki We spent a lot of time together-at the time we bought this property which brought us together even more
I didn't miss marriage or relationship but sex Oh that's great One night Kinga and I kind of talked about it We always talked about everything but we didn't really talk about sex until then - we kind of missed it I know now that Kinga was quite late the night before - he didn't come home until dawn After seeing him all day I asked him where he was because it wasn't the first time Not that it bothered me or anything I just cared I thought it was a man She told me she's been seeing this guy every now and then for a few months Nothing serious but they're doing very well in his words I knew what you meant and I got a little jealous And then she started telling me how great she was with him how wonderful she was living with this guy As she told me she was getting more and more into the details and I could almost see my sister making love at night in all sorts of positions()


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