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Where to begin I was married ten years ago when this happened to me My wife and I began our relationship by laying the groundwork after marriage She told me that if she came home and her hair was neat and tidy she didn't want to have sex if her hair was a little messy and scruffy then maybe she did maybe she didn't But if her hair is very messy and scruffy then she wants to have sex And I found him saying " Well sometimes I go out drinking with my friends" If I only drink one beer I don't want to have sex If I had three beers maybe yes maybe no But if it's more than five I won't care what her hair looks like It's a terrible joke I know but the problem started with the fact that we actually meant it We practically raped each other in our first years of marriage Sometimes I didn't want him to Sometimes it's the other way around Then later since we both had jobs like that we couldn't afford to have reservations about each other the multi-shift schedule wouldn't allow it I even liked him when he was such a rude Beast That's how it started
One time after a Saturday afternoon shift we went out for a beer with my colleagues and I crossed that magical line My wife usually waits for me at this hour You know what it means when I come home late In times like this you put a lot of coconut oil on yourself to avoid the more painful things because there's no foreplay and there's nothing but hard and wild sex
When I walked in on the couch he was sleeping all covered up and all I could see was his hair I didn't turn on the lightsI like to surprise her she even said she liked it I took my clothes off and I hid under the covers between his legs She was lying naked so I sniffed between her legs It was wonderful it smelled I began to kiss her gently and pamper her He liked it because he started moving in and he opened his legs a little bit more And that's when I took a deep breath and licked into heaven He woke up and tried to resist but it was too late He was trying to get away but not very effectively and I felt that he actually liked it Holding her mouth with my hands and holding her hands I shoved my dick down her throat He screamed at first and then as I started moving in him he stopped resisting and began to enjoy it more and more fluttering wheezing fluttering several times he enjoyed it I was just really sorry that I didn't turn on the light because I loved watching her naked body when she had an orgasm I didn't spare him We made love for three hours in the dark dog horseback riding missionary while he left several times He moaned and moaned and I remember because of the darkness I didn't see anythingI didn't even notice that his voice was any different the way he moaned And then I felt something too and then I pulled it all over my dick again held it for a few seconds and then I shot a big shot into his vagina which made him come When the effect wore off he reached down through the bed With great sighs And I fell out of it and for a little while I stroked his resting butt and went to the toilet and when my work was done I lay in our bed I thought he'd come after me
I fell asleep in no time I woke up this morning and the blanket was still lipped up and she was in bed with me
- Hi honey - he said tired
- How'd you sleep? - he asked me when he was asleep
- Pretty good - I said
- What about you? - I asked him back in case I got a pat on the back for the night after all he hasn't enjoyed a round as much as he did last night which surprises me a little
'Quietly' she said half tucked in ' my patients were quiet I could sleep
That's not exactly the answer I was looking for and that's not what I expected at all All the dreams have gone out of my eyes He turned to me
- I was on the night shift I got called in to work I called you and told you I'd be gone
I had a feeling there was something seriously wrong here
- Of course I said I remember - I told him and then I realized he was calling me but it didn't stick (Well the third and 4 I was between shots of course I didn't remember But then the question came: who was I with last night? I got the answer right away but not exactly what I expected
- While you're up please make some coffee for my mom
- Your mother? - I asked in surprise
- Is he here?
- That's what I told you - he answered now looking at me a little strangely
- We were in a library - I answered quickly And he smiled He knew what that meant to me a long time ago
- Oh I see I'm sleeping now so please don't wake me up before 1: 00 - That's when I knew something was wrong not even how big
I walked out of the room pale as death I got the smell of fresh coffee I went to the kitchen My mother-in-law was in a robe sipping his morning coffee Her hair flowed her face wrinkled just like she had sex all night When I walked in he said hello


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